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What is Citizen Science? (German)

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In "citizen science" the population participates in scientific projects. Citizens are often active as data collectors, but sometimes they also formulate research questions or help to determine the subject of research. Citizen Science thus brings science and society together in joint projects. This also makes science meaningful and comprehensible for the general public.

Examples for Citizen Science at Chemnitz University

Since 2005, Chemnitz University Library has been offering an e-learning course for learning efficient research and navigation strategies accessible to everyone via ILOnline.

In addition, the rare book collection of the university library contains book treasures, many of which have been digitised in recent years as part of the state digitisation programme in Saxony and made available online for use under theCreative Commons Lizenz CC-BY-SA 4.0 or Public Domain.

Geschichten müssen erzählt werden… In cooperation with Chemnitz citizens, the Chemnitz University Archive is developing the history of the future library location Alte Aktienspinnerei.

At the Chair of Media Informatics of Chemnitz University, a mobile app for the recording of different voices of songbirds was developed.