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Information and events

Workstations for examinations in WS 20/21

Students who don't have a stable/ reliable wi-fi connection or no connection at all are allowed to take exams in the university library. The necessary equipment for the exam must be brought along.

You need to register for that: Reservation form

New and modified e-media offers in 2021

For 2021, the University Library was able to license additional databases and e-journal packages, as well as further expand the e-book offering. new and modified offers 2021

Information on current library use

The Library of the University of Technology has been open at its new location, Strasse der Nationen 33, since October 01, 2020.
The regulations on the second stage of selective and limited presence operation of the Chemnitz University of Technology still apply.
Please follow the additional special instructions on borrowing and inter-library loan (PDF) at the University Library. The Library of the University of Technology will be open from Monday until Friday, 10:00 am - 05:00 pm.
During the opening hours:

  • pre-ordered media can be collected.
  • borrowed media can be returned.
  • fees can be paid.

Newly enrolled students and new employees of the TUC can arrange for the TUC Card to be activated for library use by email.

All media ordered can be borrowed from October 01, 2020 in the new building of the University Library, Straße der Nationen 33.

Media can only be borrowed by reservation via the Online Catalog. A direct selection on the shelf is not possible.

You will receive information by e-mail when the media can be collected.

Pickup is only possible if you observe the rules of hygiene (minimum distance and wearing of mouth/nose masks).

Books from the reading room collection can be borrowed for one week.

Requests are possible as usual via the interlibrary loan form as usual.

The collection of already delivered inter-library loans is possible from October 01, 2020 in the new University Library, Straße der Nationen 33.

Interlibrary loans that were available for collection but could no longer be borrowed before the closing of the library are no longer available. If you need them, please send an information to fernleihe@.... The library will reorder the interlibrary loan again. There are no new costs.

Can still be ordered online from members of the Chemnitz University of Technology via

Reservations will be held for seven opening days each from October 01, 2020 provided in the new library building, Straße der Nationen 33.

Returns are possible from October 01, 2020 in the new library, Straßeder Nationen 33.

Returned media can be sent to the University Library by mail in exceptional case:

Technische Universität
09107 Chemnitz

The loan period of all borrowed media will be automatically extended by the University Library until further notice.

Fees can be paid from October 01, 2020 in the new library, Straße der Nationen 33 or transferred to the following account:

Bank account:

Hauptkasse des Freistaates Sachsen
Deutsche Bundesbank
IBAN: DE22 8600 0000 0086 0015 22

Please enter this number as inteded use in ANY CASE
7040 00132
and your name and user number.

Freely available electronic media are accessible to everyone, the licensed electronic media can be used by members of Chemnitz University of Technology outside the library via VPN.

Explanations can be found under:

Many publishers are responding to the global corona pandemic by temporarily making articles, magazines and e-books available on their platforms free of charge. Here you find a complete list:

Also during the second stage of selective and limited presence operation it is not possible to work in the library and use the PC and copying technology.

All public events, training courses, workshops, guided tours and consultation appointments are still cancelled.

The staff of the University Library can be contacted for enquiries at service@....

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