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Physics: Cognitive Systems

Former members of the group

Portrait: Sabine Grimm    Dr. Sabine Grimm

   Head of the group (Deputy Professor) 2017
   now Assistant Professor at Leipzig University
   Personal website of Sabine Grimm



Portrait: Kornelia Dostmann    Kornelia Dostmann

   Secretary 2015-2016



Portrait: Nick Baer    M.Sc. Nick Baer

   Scientific assistant 2020
   in joint project with Chemical Physics
   now PhD student at the PHKP group, TU Chemnitz
   Personal website of Nick Baer



Portrait: Aravindan Joseph Benjamin    M.Sc. Aravindan Joseph Benjamin

   Scientific Assistant 2020
   in the Collaborative Research Center SFB 1410 "Hybrid Societies"
   now PhD student at Oldenburg University
   Personal website of Aravindan Joseph Benjamin



Portrait: Katharina Gandras    M.Sc. Katharina Gandras

   Scientific assistant 2013-2016
   in the Cluster of Excellence "Hearing4all"
   Oldenburg University
   now Coordinator for interprofessional education, Lübeck University



Portrait: Jan Grenzebach    M.Sc. Jan Grenzebach

   PhD student 2017-2020
   in joint project with PHKP
   Personal website of Jan Grenzebach
   now Researcher at the Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin (Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health), Dortmund



Portrait: Tamara Heredia    M.Sc. Mónica Tamara Heredia Muñoz

   Scientific assistant 2018-2020
   in joint project with Chemical Physics
   Personal website of Tamara Heredia



Portrait: Cordelia Mühlenbeck    Dr. Cordelia Mühlenbeck

   Postdoctoral researcher 2015-2016
   Personal website of Cordelia Mühlenbeck
   now Researcher and Lecturer at the Medizinische Hochschule Brandenburg Theodor Fontane



Portrait: Martin Reiche    Dr. Martin Reiche

   PhD student 2013-2017
   Personal website of Martin Reiche



Portrait: Orsolya Szalardy    Dr. Orsolya Szalárdy

   External PhD student 2009-2016
   now Postdoctoral researcher at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest
   Personal website of Orsolya Szalárdy



Portrait: Julia Trojanek    M.Sc. Julia Trojanek

   Scientific assistant 2017-2020 
   Personal website of Julia Trojanek



Former student members

Many students, mainly from the "Sensors and Cognitive Psychology" study program, worked as research interns or research assistants or completed their Bachelor or Master theses in the group:

Portrait: Sophie Neumann   Portrait: Werner Seitz   Portrait: Kevin Hartung   Portrait: Maria Stollmann   Portrait: Konstantin Kapfhammer   Portrait: Carl Müller   Portrait: Patricia Rudolph  

Christiane Breitkreutz · Anna Dietze · Marlen Ettert · Kevin Hartung · Johannes Höhmann · Ian Jagiella · Konstantin Kapfhammer · Melis Koç · Anja Konhäuser · Jennifer Kulke · Susan Lerche · Pia Lindner · Sophie Meißner · Philipp Methfeßel · Miriam Möchel · Carl Müller · Christiane Neubert · Sophie Neumann · Matthias Pfalz · Martina Pfeffer · Patricia Rudolph · Pauline Schneider · Werner Seitz · Nicole Siebert · Lucas da Silva · Maria Stollmann · Lu Song · Erik Syniawa · Kathrin Warmbier · Axel Weiler · Benedikt Willberg · Adriana Zubiate

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