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Hybrid Societies: Humans Interacting with Embodied Technologies
Hybrid Societies
What is required to enable people to move in concert with robots, highly automated vehicles or virtual avatars, for example, without friction as with other people? And how must technology be designed to meet these requirements? Fundamental scientific research into these questions is important because in hybrid societies we share public spaces with increasingly autonomous machines.
Prof. Georg Jahn | Spokesperson

Shaping the interaction between people and machines

Coordinating our movements with fellow humans is relatively smooth. In order for interactions in hybrid societies to be effective and similarly smooth, human capabilities and technological functionalities must be analyzed and harmonized in novel ways. Research into hybrid societies thus contributes to aligning the use of embodied digital technologies in public spaces according to human needs and skills and to advancing the technological innovations required for this. In order to address the yet unsolved challenges and to shape the coexistence... Read More

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Autonomous vehicles, teleoperated and autonomously acting robots, drones, intelligent prostheses – all examples of embodied digital technologies. They have more and more functions – including bodily functions like perception and action – and can take on an increasing number of tasks. We will encounter them in more places and in different forms. They interact with humans and thus - together with them - form hybrid societies.

The research center “Hybrid Societies” is investigating how spontaneous encounters between people and intelligent technologies in public spaces can run smoothly and coordinated. The core issue is to determine what is necessary to allow people and machines to coordinate their activities and movements in a foresighted manner when they meet, for example, in a park or on the street.

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