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Welcome to exchange students from our partner universities


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This page is about student exchange for 1 or 2 semesters from our partner universities - other international students (esp. those who want to join our international MA programme) find information on studying English@Chemnitz here.

There are no tuition fees, students only pay a semester fee (about 70 €) for the Studentenwerk, which include the right to use their facilities (like subsidised food in the students' restaurant = Mensa) and the semester ticket, unlimited travel in the whole of Saxony - so it is extremely good value for exchange students who want to explore the region.
Students from our partner departments/universities world-wide discuss their applications with the departmental coordinator there, who will check their application documents and learning agreements and send everything, including the learning agreement that the student and partner coordinator have signed to The head of the examination board ("Prüfungsausschussvorsitzender") will discuss it with the examination board and send the application to the International Office after it has been approved. They will send you a confirmation of acceptance, which you need in order to obtain your visa.

Please try to follow the links below in order to obtain all the relevant information and avoid sending us individual emails regarding these matters. Use the following checklist to send us the complete application documents:

Upon arrival, the following institutions should be contacted (details here):

  1. International Office - IUZ (Foreign Students' Office)
  2. Students' Service Office (Registrar) - Studentensekretariat
  3. Residents' Registration Office - Einwohnermeldeamt
  4. Foreigners' Registration Office/Immigration - Ausländerbehörde
  5. ECTS Coordinators (Prof. Schmied)

Further information:

  • A down-loadable brochure about studying English Language & Linguistics at Chemnitz and Chemnitz itself is available here:
  • Information about start and end of the respective semesters (in German) can be found on the ‘dates’ page.
  • You can down-load your learning agreement for the coming summer semester here. Information about credit the European transfer system (ECTS) and German grade levels can be found here.
  • General information about studying in Chemnitz can be found on the pages of the International Office.
  • Help in finding your way around Chemnitz before and after your arrival can be arranged via the Patenprogramm, organised for students by students. Here, you may also get important information about how to best travel to Chemnitz from whichever airport/city you may be arriving at, tips about which accommodation may be most suitable for you, etc. Should you wish to make all arrangements for accommodation directly, you can consult the page for student accommodation.

M.A./Ph.D. study visits for M.A. students
Since international interships/placements/study visits are more and more important, we hope to establish direct exchanges with our partners on the MA and PhD levels, esp. in the research areas of academic writing, national Englishes/usage norms, and e-learning. We will always try to send you the invitation you need for funding (e.g. from the DAAD) and can usually provide a modern office desk on our department floor, so that our guests are fully integrated into life in the department.
Joint teaching and e-learning:
We are always open for suggestions in joint teaching and e-learning, esp. for applications for EU funding. Please send us your proposals.

Further information:


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