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Settings to access your e-mailbox

If your mailbox is located in the Exchange server, please read Access options to the Exchange mailbox.

To retrieve your e-mail from the central mailbox server of TU Chemnitz and to send e-mail via servers of TUC, you must use an e-mail program and set it up correctly. Alternatively (e.g. at home or whilst travelling) you can also use other access options – with minor functional restrictions.

For the e-mail programs Thunderbird and Outlook, automatic configuration is supported, so that when you set up your TUC e-mail account, you only need to enter your name, e-mail address (givenname.surname@unit.tu-chemnitz.de – see IdM portal) and password. All other details will be completed automatically.

Detailed instructions for e-mail programmes, devices and apps (in German)

E-mail program: Retrieving e-mails (inbox, incoming mail)

Recommended: IMAP via TLS/SSL encryption

  • IMAP protocol – supported by all modern e-mail programs:
    • Management of e-mails in folders and group mailboxes
    • Same view from different e-mail programs and Webmail
  • Encrypted data traffic
  • Server name:mail.tu-chemnitz.de
    Encryption: TLS or STARTTLS (or SSL)
    Authentication with URZ username + password – recommendation: App and device password
    or via Kerberos5/GSSAPI

E-mail program: Sending e-mails (outgoing mail)

SMTP via TLS/SSL encryption

  • Server name: mail.tu-chemnitz.de
    Port 587, with authentication (URZ username + passwort) – recommendation: App and device password
    Encryption: TLS or STARTTLS required
  • If problems occur when sending, please check that a virus checker is not monitoring outgoing mails. Unfortunately, this function is often error-prone and must be switched off in the event of an error.
  • Troubleshooting for sending e-mails via Telekom-DSL (in German)

Processing e-mail without an own mail program


  • Webmail – easy access to the mailbox from any web browser (realised with Horde/IMP). This is especially interesting for new users (simple, no configuration) or from home and on business trips.
  • Access via https://mail.tu-chemnitz.de/

Via Remote Login – Secure Shell (ssh)

By logging on to the URZ login server, you can use an e-mail programme installed there, e.g. the alpine program.

  • Use a Secure Shell Program (ssh, putty): Server name login.tu-chemnitz.de