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Mailing Lists

E-mail distribution lists: mailing lists

It often happens that e-mails need to be sent to a whole group of addresses. For example, invitations to interested parties, notices to colleagues or contributions to discussions are to be sent to the working group. E-mail distribution lists take over this "circular letter" function.

Such an e-mail distribution list consists of a list of e-mail addresses that are addressed via a specific distribution list name. As an e-mail user, you have the following options for using this function:

1. List function of your e-mail program (thunderbird, webmail, outlook, alpine … )

  • can be easily set by the user with the address book
  • participants must keep lists identical themselves
  • → for a small group of participants and infrequent changes only

2. Use of a mailing list

Mailing lists (also called e-mail distribution lists) are special e-mail addresses. if you send a message to such an address, it is automatically distributed by a server to all members of this list. Mailing lists are used when there are a large number of participants and/or frequent changes.

The URZ operates a mail server with the list management software Mailman. Members of the TU can use this service in accordance with the URZ user regulations for the purposes of education and training, research and administration.

Mailing lists managed in this way are addressed with listname@lists.tu-chemnitz.delistname is the concrete short name of the list in each case. Each mailing list has a list administrator who determines the purpose of the list, sets guidelines for use (e.g. public or closed, etc.) and can add or remove members. The list administrator can be reached via listname-owner@lists.tu-chemnitz.de

3. Alternatives: Group mailboxes, Ticket system

For similar communication requirements, see solutions for person-independent e-mail addresses.

Mailing list administration with Mailman Mailman-Logo

Mailman is a system for the automated administration of mailing lists. E-mail users can use it to subscribe to and unsubscribe from mailing lists and to obtain information about existing mailing lists. List administrators are provided with additional commands for administration. Mailing lists are created by the TUC postmaster on your behalf. List administrators can delete mailing lists on their own.

Control is by means of a web browser via https://mailman.tu-chemnitz.de

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