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Filter for e-mails

When e-mail arrives at TU Chemnitz on your behalf, the automatic filters for rejecting unwanted and dangerous mail are processed via the DFN-MailSupport service. If the e-mail is not rejected, it is delivered to the mailbox server responsible for your e-mail address. The following information applies to the central mailbox server of the TU Chemnitz.

Usually, all e-mails arriving for you are sorted into your standard mailbox (the INBOX). However, if you receive more than a dozen e-mails a day, perhaps because you have subscribed to mailing lists or receive system messages by e-mail, you will quickly feel the need for automated processing: The mails from the list should be sorted into a special folder, for example, and from the system messages only the critical messages should end up in the INBOX.

Such routine work can be done by filter settings in the mail program (e.g. Thunderbird, Outlook, alpine). However, if one works with several programs or PCs and mobile devices, these rules would then have to be set everywhere (as equally as possible). If you are absent, they do not work at all because the mail programme is usually not running.

A way out is offered by individually adjustable mail filters on the mailbox server. These rules work independently of the mail programme used. When the e-mail arrives, certain actions can be triggered on the basis of specified conditions (e.g. sender or subject):

  • forward to another mail address, possibly file a copy to your INBOX,
  • file in another folder (this folder can be retrieved if you use the IMAP protocol),
  • send an automatic reply tot the sender, e.g. in case of absence,
  • refuse acceptance – send back or ignore.

If none of the specified conditions apply, the mail is filed in the inbox as usual.

Setting the mail filters at the central mailbox server is done via Webmail:
Setting filters in Webmail

Read more information (in German) on how to set up a personal spam protection filter, for example.