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Issue Desk
Phone 0371/531 13190


In order to borrow books you need a user card. As a registered user you have access to your personal user account, which provides a detailed overview of borrowed items, loan periods, reservations, fees etc. In the University Library you can use the self issue machines (which will let you issue books on your own.)

Loan period

The loan period is 20 opening days. After logging into your user account you can keep track of the loan periods of your borrowed items.


Renewals are possible if no other user has placed a reservation. You can renew your items an unlimited number of times within one year. After one year you must bring your items to the library to prove that you still have them and then you are allowed to borrow them again.

You can renew your items

  • online
  • by Email
  • by phone (0371/53113190)
  • by visiting the library


You can reserve items, which are on loan to other users via our online library catalog. This service is free of charge and you will be given notice when the item is ready for collection (period of collection: 7 opening days).


Please return the media at the return maschine Icon für die Interaktive Standortkarte at the ground floor.

Overdue fees

Overdue fees are charged when items have not been returned after the due day (see Library Terms of Use §19). The amount of these fees depends on the Regulations for University Fees and Charges of the Chemnitz University.

(see appendix 4):

  • per started week and item → 1€, maximum 25€ (for each item)
  • for reference collections → 2,50€, per day and for each item

Replacement of materials

Please report lost oder damaged items to the Library. The Library will inform you of the following procedure and tells you which steps are necessary for the compensation.
Further information about replacement of materials.