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University Library
Self issue machines

Self issue machines

To borrow books from the library by yourself, you can use the self issue machines in Campus library I and II.

This is how the self issue machine works:

With a valid library card and a freely selectable four digit number you can issue books by yourself (exception: your account is blocked because of an invalid library card or outstanding fees). In your Library account you’ll find "User PIN for Self-Checkout" where you can enter a 4-digit number to assign your PIN. You can assign a new PIN code as well as change the old one. Entering multiple incorrect PINs means that the Library account will be blocked. To unblock your account, you have to contact the library staff.

When using the self-issue machine, insert your library card with the barcode first right beside the touch screen. The barcode should show in your direction. TU cards without a barcode should be placed on the spot where the sample card is shown. Please only retrieve you library card when the process is finished.

When you have finished, you will get a receipt for your borrowed books giving the due date.

Excluded from the self-check out are:

  • reference -holdings (reading room collection – orange dot on the book spin)
  • media from course self collection
  • stack collection including theses
  • ready to collect, reserved media
  • non-book materials (CD, DVD, video, cassettes, CD supplements)
  • interlibrary loan materials
  • journals

After 7 p.m. (Monday to Friday) and 1 p.m. (Saturday), please show the receipt to the security guard when exiting the library.