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Course Reserves

Course Reserves

University lecturers and teachers ((hereinafter referred to as university lecturers) at TU Chemnitz are able to establish "Conventional Course Reserves" to support their courses. "Conventional Course Reserves" enable students direct access to the most important printed media for the courses of the current semester.

Furthermore, university lectures may also provide course materials in compliance with the copyright law via the teaching and learning platform OPAL (German only).

Course Reserves

Written application for "Conventional Course Reserves" should be requested in time, at least 6 weeks before the beginning of the semester (means February 15 or August 15 of each year), due to necessary preliminary work (reservations of borrowed items, purchase of missing items).
Please use our Application for "Convent information staff of the University Library Chemnitz (required details: barcode, author, title, callnumber).
For Course Reserves which are not requested in time we cannot guarantee the timely provision.

"Conventional Course Reserves" mainly contain literature of the circulating holding (open access holding as well as stack collection). We use cross references for items required simultaneously for various Course Reserves.
Only Journals, handbooks, compilations, reference books and dictionaries are in exceptional cases included in "Conventional Course Reserves". Extracts of these books or other media can be supplied to an "Electronic Course Reserve" (ESEM) under consideration of the copyright.
The University Library does not assume liability for loss or damage of private and personal media (like books, lecturer notes, slides and so on) included in "Conventional Course Reserves.

Due to space limitation, up to 50 volumes/items are allowed as a content of a "Conventional Course Reserve".

"Conventional Course Reserves" are separately located in ground floor/west wing. Location can be obtained from our help desk.

"Conventional Course Reserves" are available for students circulation.
In exceptional cases a short-term loan is possible. It requires a written statement of agreement from the appropriate university lecturer, with the name of the borrower, title of item and loan period.

The "Conventional Course Reserves" shall finally be dissolved at the end of the exam period of the semester, at least at March 31 or September 30 of each year. The university lecturer defines deviating dates on the application.