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About EL2010

Energy Landscapes 2010

23.06.2010 — 03.07.2010           pentahotel Chemnitz

The Energy Landscapes workshop is a meeting of researchers in the field of complex energy landscapes.

It will extend over nearly two weeks, in order to give everyone an opportunity to present his/her current work or important issues of concern in the area of energy landscapes to the participants. This will allow lots of time for the crucial extensive and intensive but constructive quizzing of the speaker by the audience. This also allows the participants to exchange ideas in detail, and experience has shown that many collaborations have resulted from these meetings.

Regarding the specific topics, this workshop has always attempted to bring people from different communities together; thus every contribution is welcome that addresses issues in the field of complex energy landscapes -­ ranging from abstract models, issues in optimal control and global optimization problems over algorithm development to system specific applications in e.g. molecules (clusters, proteins, etc.) or solids (crystals, glasses, spin glasses, ionic conductors, etc.).

Participants & Topics

List of all participants

Presenter Topic
Wed, 23.06.10
18:00 Opening Dinner
20:00 Organizational Meeting
Thu, 24.06.10
9:00 David J. Wales Energy Landscapes for Soft Matter
11:00 Christian Schön Introductionary remarks
13:30 Peter Salamon Shape landscapes in mitochondria
Fri, 25.06.10
9:00 Frédéric C. Calzals Geometric Models for the Description of 3D Molecular Systems (part I) and High-dimensional Point Cloud Data (part II)
11:00 Jörg Behler Representing High-Dimensional Potential-Energy Surfaces by Artificial Neural Networks
13:30 Klaus Doll Ab initio structure prediction for molecules and solids
Sat, 26.06.10                         Day trip to Dresden and Saxon Switzerland
Sun, 27.06.10                        Trip to Freiberg
Mon, 28.06.10
9:00 Andreas Fischer Understanding Preferential Trapping
11:00 Nikolaj Becker Thermodynamic geometry used to optimize optically driven multistep processes
13:30 Dejan Zagorac Structure prediction and energy landscapes in solid state research
16:00 Frédéric C. Calzals Reconstructing 3D compact sets - (Gentle) Introduction to Computational Morse Theory and Persistence Analysis
Tue, 29.06.10
9:00 Bernd Hartke Global optimization in chemistry: from abstract tests to practical usefulness
11:00 Teresa Head-Gordon Energy landscapes and water abnomalities
13:30 Scott M. Woodley Modelling point defects
Wen, 30.06.10
9:00 Christian L. Müller Black-box optimization of landscapes and the number of minima problem
11:00 Paolo Sibani Complex dynamics made simple: colloidal dynamics
13:30 Arnulf Moebius Remarks on heuristic combinatiorial optimization
Tue, 01.07.10
9:00 Stefan Bromley Low density polymorphism in inorganic solids / Fluxional states in inorganic clusters
11:00 René Haber parQ - A transition matrix method to calculate the density of states
13:30 Katharina Wagner ETA-Graphics - An Interface to Endoreversible Thermodynamics
14:30 Thomas Schönfelder Reactive Force Fields in Particular ReaxFF and Application Possibilities
Fri, 02.07.10
10:30 Janett Prehl Diffusion on fractals and space-fraction diffusion equations
13:30 Wrap Up Session

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