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Further Training

How can I utilize my time as efficiently and profitable as possible during my scientific work? How do I manage to lead teams in an effective and results-oriented way? How do I get to know better my own socialization and people originating from other societies? And how will I be able to apply for an employment in the best way when I decided to stay and work in Germany?

These and other questions and challenges shall be taken up by the workshops linked in this category and shall be treated in an interactive way together with the participants. A great emphasis is put on the integration of the own experiences of the seminarians.

When opening the links you will find a short description of each event indicating objectives, content, Time, Location and Lecturers. The teaching language is mostly English. There are no participation fees to be paid. For application - if not indicated otherwise - please send an email indicating your name, surname, subject and the workshop you want to visit to the following email-address: . Each participant at the workshops will receive a certificate of attendance.


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