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Child care


Chemnitz University of Technology was being awarded the certificate "Family-friendly University" by the non-profit Hertie-Foundation as first university in the Free State of Saxony in 2006 and has being approved since then within several Re-Audit-procedures. By this certificate, it is proven that Chemnitz University of Technology disposes of a particular family-friendly structure and way of thinking from which benefit students and PhD-students as well as employees at the university with a child or children. 

Chemnitz University of Technology offers a variety of opportunities for childcare for students, PhD-students and staff members with young children. The scope starts from Parent-Child-Rooms, facilities for diaper change and children's corners on the campus via hourly short-term-care for children at the "Zwergencampus"-facility up to placements for allday-care for children in the childcare facilities of the Student Union Chemnitz-Zwickau resp. the City of Chemnitz with which the university maintains a cooperation contract. Your point of contact in this respect is the Familiy Service of Chemnitz University of Technology.

Also for the care of older children, Chemnitz University of Technology provides several opportunities: Thus, f.e. in February resp. July regularly the "TU-Ferienspaß" ("TU Holiday-Fun") happens, where children from 6-12 years are being looked after and entertained according to their age during one week (winter) resp. two weeks (summer). Furthermore there are childrens' reunions and childrens' celebrations as well as the "Kinderuniversität" ("Childrens' University") where children can get in a first touch with the university within lectures corresponding to their age. For further information, you are welcome to address to the Family Service of Chemnitz University of Technology as well. 

Further opportunities for support of PhD-students and staff members with children at Chemnitz University of Technology are f.e. flexible working times, round tables for parents as well as the possibility to apply for scholarships for the continuation of the scientific qualification after a leave for childcare. For further information also regarding those aspects, the Family Service of Chemnitz University of Technology is at your disposition.

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