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Culture and Leisure Time

Even if at the first glance it might not be so obvious, Chemnitz provides a rich and various range of culture and leisure time opportunities. Thus, not without reason, the city is candidating for the title "European Capital of Culture 2025". Plunge into it and make the experience. We wish you a lot of pleasure and a hopefully unforgettable stay at Chemnitz!

Special highlights for culture enthusiasts are the Arts Collections which make Chemnitz an acknowledged location for the art of German Expressionism, as well as the Theater- and Opera House impressing already by its architectural design. In addition, Chemnitz offers an extraordinarily great variety of cabarets and other cultural events.

Furthermore, Chemnitz counted among the first industrialized cities in Europe and can look back on a significant history as economic hub. Not coincidentally, by the foundation of a "Royal Mercantile College", the long and successful tradition of higher technical education in the city began already in the year 1836 providing the roots for Chemnitz University of Technology today. For this reason, technology enthusiasts are recommended a visit at the also nationally reknown Industrial Museum Chemnitz.  

Finally, also architecture lovers will be fascinated of Chemnitz because the city includes on a quite confined space architectural styles from diverse epochs: From the half-timbered buildings at the Schlossberg Quarter via the Kassberg as one of the largest Wilhelminian and Art Nouveau quarters in Germany to the modern city center with the Red Tower and the Karl-Marx-Monument as prominent sights which are worth a visit.

Chemnitz offers a various range of opportunities for leisure time: Thus, there are several indoor and outdoor swimming pools, the artificial lake of Rabenstein with a climbing parcours as well as several cinemas. Additionally, Chemnitz provides a number of opportunities for shopping in the city center and a number of shopping centers in the neighborhood (Chemnitz Center, Neefe-Park, Sachsen-Allee etc.) which are easily accessible by public transport. Furthermore a lot of various restaurants and bars are inviting for leisure activities not only in the evening. You find an overview regarding the opportunities for leisure time at Chemnitz here.

Finally, Chemnitz is situated at the foot of the Ore Mountains: With its unique landscape it invites for trekking in summer and for ski and sledging in winter where winter sport enthusiasts find always the right slopes to go downhill. Thanks to snow blowers, a considerable part of them is also usable when snow has not (yet) fallen.

As enrolled PhD-student of Chemnitz University of Technology you may use your student-ID-card also as "culture ticket". This means that you get free access to some museums at Chemnitz and that you can visit events at the Theater and Opera House for free provided that 15 minutes before their beginning seats are still available.

Furthermore, as enrolled PhD-student you can often benefit from reductions on entrance fees for students to culture and leisure time offers. For this reason, you should take always your student-ID-card with you and show it as proof on demand at the cash desk.

Finally, the information for parents that for making use of culture and leisure time offers at Chemnitz, frequently reductions for children and families are offered. Even if they might be sometimes not explicitly signed, it is always worth asking at the cash desk for them.

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