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International Office
Step by Step to Chemnitz University of Technology

Step-by-Step to Chemnitz University of Technology

The International Office is looking forward to welcoming you to Chemnitz University of Technology (soon)! In order to assure that you can join our university as soon as possible, we have compiled step-by-step instructions in the form of checklists for you. To get to the appropriate checklist for you, please click on the button below corresponding to your status and country of origin.

In order to support Chemnitz University of Technology in its objective to gain the "best heads" worldwide for doing their PhD or scientific work at our university, the checklists were elaborated in order to provide an overview of the most important "To do's" in preparation of a stay at Chemnitz University of Technology to interested candidates from abroad as well as to facilitate a bit the orientation for Incoming-PhD-students, -postdocs and -researchers so that they can concentrate as soon as possible on the essential: their scientific work. To get to the appropriate checklist for you, please click on the button below corresponding to your status and country of origin.

The subsequent checklists are supposed to be a supplementary support in addition to your own research and contacts with the respectively responsible institution. For this reason, neither a claim to comprehensiveness nor a legal guarantee for the information provided can be assumed. Nontheless, users are cordially invited to send their suggestions and ideas for the complementation, extension and optimization of those checklists as well as their hints regarding the usability of the design and the up-to-dateness and correctness of the information provided to the International Office at any time.

In case of questions or need for assistance in organizational aspects, the International Office supports international PhD-students, postdocs and researchers who would like to come to Chemnitz University of Technology or who are already staying at our university by providing information and advice. A special service is provided by the PhD-Assistants of the International Office who offer their direct support, for example by accompanying to appointments at authorities or in case of linguistic challenges in administrative processes whereas the advice and support in academic issues for international PhD-students as well as for postdocs and researchers is provided by the professors and scientific staff members at the faculties of Chemnitz University of Technology.


PhD-students from EU-/ EEA-countries PhD-students from other countries
Postdocs/ researchers from EU-/ EEA-countries Postdocs/ researchers from other countries

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