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Not only with regard to the quality of your (PhD-)studies and research you have made the right choice with Chemnitz but also in consideration of searching for accommodation because Chemnitz belongs to the university locations with the best price-benefit-ratio regarding room rents in Germany. In the following, you find some hints and information supposed to support you in finding the accommodation in Chemnitz which is the most suitable to your needs and desires.


On-campus dormitories

There are student dormitories situated directly on the main campus at Reichenhainer Straße. They dispose of a capacity of about 2.500 places. Insofar you are an enrolled PhD-student at Chemnitz University of Technology, you can apply for a place in the dormitories. Please be aware of the fact, that the responsibility for the dormitories (as well as for the dining halls) belongs not to Chemnitz University of Technology but to the Student Union Chemnitz-Zwickau.

A place in a student dormitory costs between 170 and 250 Euro per month. The amount of the room rent depends on the respective room size and type (single room or shared flat) as well as on the furnishing. The room rents already include auxilary costs which means costs for heating, electricity, water, internet and tv-connection. You can apply for a place online to the Student Union Chemnitz-Zwickau to whom belongs also the decision on the distribution of the places.

There is a very high demand for places in the student dormitories. Accordingly, also many applications are submitted. Thus, it might happen that your application is rejected due to capacity reasons. Although, even in this case you do not need to be worried in any way because you can also find appropriate apartments for a similar room rent on the private housing market at Chemnitz. Please read the respectively designated FAQ on this website. 

Private housing market

The average amount of room rents on the private housing market at Chemnitz is about 5.30 Euro/ m2 which is far below the average in Germany. Nevertheless, please be aware of the fact that auxiliary costs, which means costs for water and electricity etc. are - in contrast to the dormitories - not already included in this price. Furthermore, the room rents may vary quite strongly according to location and furnishing of the flat.

In case of interest for a flat, ask the landlord preferably already prior, otherwise during the viewing for the total rent per month which means the basic rent ("Kaltmiete") plus the auxiliary costs (heating, water etc.), the so-called "Warmmiete". Please be aware of the fact that the share for the auxiliary costs ("Nebenkosten") is always a lump-sum-prepayment which means the more you consume, the higher the probability that you have to pay extra, the less you consume, the higher the probablity that you get reimbursed.

Ask also for the deposit which you will have to pay when you are renting the flat. It often becomes due in full amount immediately after the conclusion of the renting contract and may amount up to 3 basic rents ("Kaltmieten", see above).

Although, the deposit, the basic rent and the lump-sum-prepayment for auxiliary costs are frequently already broken down in the advertisement of the flat.

Finally, ask for the period of notice for the flat. It normally is three months before you move out but this may vary. Please pay attention that the period of notice you agreed on is expressively fixed in written from in your renting contract.

For the research of an appropriate accommodation at Chemnitz are existing a number and variety of research engines in the internet. Some of them are enlisted in the following as examples. Please note that they are all only provided in German. In case of linguistic challenges, use an online translation tool like Google Translate:

Please be aware of the fact that in addition to the research engines here, there are also a lot of other providers. For this reason, we strongly recommend to undertake additional own research activities in this respect and to make use also of other research engines in the internet.

In case you are searching for an appropriate accommodation on the private housing market at Chemnitz, you may also address with a respective inquiry to the International Office of Chemnitz University of Technology. Thanks to good contacts to private housing companies it is able to pass you on to permanent contact persons there who are frequently also talking English and who will support you in finding an accommodation at Chemnitz corresponding to your needs and desires.


We wish you a successful research for accommodation and hope that you will rapidly find the "flat of your dreams" in Chemnitz!

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