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The University Press Chemnitz cooperates with an external service provider. On the basis of print-on-demand, the university publisher can thus offer a cost-effective print publication.

Basic costs:
  • 195,00 Euro basic package
  • 50,00 Euro administrative fee
  • 10,00 Euro shipping cost (flat rate)
Copy costs:

The author’s price of the books can be easily calculated by our external service provider’s price calculator.

The basic package includes a professional check of the book block and its print optimization, the cover creation as well as a proof print for the author's control. The administrative fee covers the cost for the provision of an ISBN, the online publication on the publication server MONARCH-Qucosa and the marketing for the book edition.

The number of copies must always be divisible by 4 and you have to buy at lest 8 copies. The price of the edition can be reduced by the order of 28 and 56 copies.

For example, the publication of 28 copies of a dissertation as a soft cover in the form of DIN A5 with about 200 pages (10 of them coloured) costs around 575 Euro.