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Chemnitz University Press cooperates with an external service provider. Thus, based on Print-on-Demand, the University Press is able to offer the release of cost-efficient print publications.

Basic charges:

  • 118.00 Euro basic charge service provider
  • 65.45 Euro package charges print preparation
  • 50.00 Euro lump sum administrative charges University Press
  • 20.00 Euro shipping charges (lump sum)

The basic charge is raised for each title released via the service provider. The package charges for print preparation include a sophisticated check of the body of the book and its optimization for printing as well as the elaboration of a cover.

The lump sum for the University Press covers i.a. the provision of an ISBN, the online-publication on the publication server MONARCH-Qucosa and the sales of the printed issue.

The shipping charges are accounted as lump sum and will at the end being invoiced in the actual amount incurred.

Charges per copy:

The amount of charges depend on layout and styling of the book (format, kind of paper, binding, number of pages, number of colored pages).

The minimum release number within Chemnitz University Press amounts 8 copies. A discount on the author’s price is possible from 25 or 50 copies, for instance.

The sample copy for inspection by the author will be invoiced additionally as single copy.


The release of 25 copies of a doctoral thesis as softcover in format DIN A5 with a scope of 200 pages (among them 10 colored) costs about 355 Euro.

The prizes mentioned are valid until December 31, 2022.