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Publishing Workflow

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Publication process

The university press prefers the submission of the manuscripts as PDF/X and PDF/A files. These special forms of the PDF format contain additional formatting information and are particularly suitable for printing and long-term archiving. Documents should be created directly in the final format to avoid quality loss. Please submit the final form of your manuscript as an unprotected PDF file along with the original files (Word, LaTeX … ).

The publication process step-by-step:


  • If you have any questions regarding the publishing process or the contract, please contact us by contact form, e-mail or telephone.

Preparing the manuscript

  • The author prepares the manuscript according to our specification (PDF) and submits it as PDF/X (for printing) and PDF/A (for long-term archiving), preferably via Sync ‘n‘ Share, Gigamove or similar services.
  • We check the files for formal errors and send you our change requests.
  • It is our responsibility to add the front-matter section, the imprint, the ISBN and provide you the future URL of your document in the MONARCH-Qucosa repository.


  • A publishing contract (currently only available in German) is concluded between author and publisher.
  • The author has to fill in the archiving request (currently only available in German) for publication on the Qucosa repository.

Printing process

  • The publisher creates the book cover and delivers the book block to our external service provider.
  • We receive the print master pages for review and pass it on to the author for further inspection.
  • If corrections are necessary and a new file transfer is required, additional costs must be charged.
  • If the author is satisfied, the university press will send the print order to the external service provider.


  • The publisher delivers the ordered copies to the author and issues the invoice.

Promotion and visibility

  • The publication will be released on the publication server MONARCH-Qucosa.
  • We submit the deposit copies to the German National Library and the Saxon State Library.
  • The publisher takes care of appropriate marketing and the listing in the library catalogue and the University Bibliography.