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  • Cover: Beitrag zur Entwicklung nicht-koaxial gekoppelter, offener
Umlaufrädergetriebe am Beispiel des Antriebsstranges
einer Orbital-Bearbeitungsmaschine
  • Cover: Konzeption und Evaluation eines Planspiels unter besonderer Betrachtung von Lerneffekten und Planspiel-Akzeptanz
  • Cover: Simulation und experimentelle Validierung
des Betriebsverhaltens eines Kompressors
zur Wasserstoffrezirkulation in Kraftfahrzeugen
  • Cover: Identifikation von Transport- und Rekombinationskanälen zur Optimierung (AlGaIn)N basierter licht-emittierender Halbleiterdioden
  • Cover: Energy-aware localization based on an optimized anchor deployment in wireless sensor networks
  • Cover: Miteinander, Gegeneinander und Füreinander: Gruppeninteraktion an einem Tabletop im Museum
  • Cover: Elektromagnetisch modifizierte Materialien für Radarsensor-Abdeckungen
  • Cover: Entwicklungs- und Testunterstützung für Steuergeräte mit AUTOSAR Architektur
  • Cover: Bestimmung lebensdauerrelevanter Parameter von IGBTs im Antriebsumrichter von Elektrofahrzeugen
  • Cover: Rabattprobleme aus Konsumentensicht : Eine Online- und Offlineanalyse

Since 2009, Chemnitz University Press is operated by the University Library on behalf of Chemnitz University of Technology, based on the Usage Regulations of the University Press (PDF in German).
Chemnitz University Press is committed to assist adherents of Chemnitz University of Technology in electronic and printed academic publishing.
Its objective consists on the timely, cost-efficient and long-term availability of the titles released within a consistent look oriented at the corporate design of the university. Thanks to the hybrid publishing service, authors profit from the benefits of current global awareness in addition to a publisher release.

Chemnitz University Press is committed to the idea of Open Access and embedded in the Open-Access-Service of Chemnitz University Library.
It promotes the open accessibility to all own publications according to Berlin Declaration, signed in 2015 by parallel, free and sustainable online-publication on the full-text server MONARCH-Qucosa of Chemnitz University of Technology.

Chemnitz University Press counts among the members of the University Press Consortium.

The university press is open to scientists of the Chemnitz University of Technology who are the author or publisher of a scientific publication. According to our terms of use all publications will be electronically achieved on the university publication server MONARCH-Qucosa. Conference reports, anthologies and doctoral theses are particularly welcome. Bachelor and master students can publish their work in consent with their supervisor. The publications can appear as single issues as well as monographs in series.

The university press offers the production of a cost-effective print publication (print-on-demand) in close cooperation with an external service provider. The terms and conditions (costs, availability, rights) are regulated in an contract between author and university press.

The costs of the publication must be borne by the author. The total costs depend on the desired features, the number of copies, etc. and include the price of the service provider plus a small administration fee. Revenue from the sale of the books are used to cover the ongoing expenses and the advertising.

The author prepares the manuscript according to the publisher's specifications in electronic form. We perform a formal and technical check of the PDF file, take care of the envelope, the front-matter section and guarantee the printing and short delivery. Further, we assign an ISBN and submit the deposit copies to the German National Library and the Saxon State Library.

In the final step, the publication will be archived on the publication server MONARCH-Qucosa and listed in the library catalogue and the university bibliography. The author grants us a non-exclusive, transferable license and can still offer and distribute his work by other means.

If you have any questions about the university press, please send an e-mail to the publisher‘s team or contact one of the persons listed below directly.

Contact persons

Cornelia Oertel
  • Phone:
    +49 371 531-31282
  • Fax:
    +49 371 531-831282
  • Email:
  • Room:
    Straße der Nationen 33, Raum A0.210
Katja Windisch
  • Phone:
    +49 371 531-39257
  • Fax:
    +49 371 531-839257
  • Email:
  • Room:
    Straße der Nationen 3, Raum A0.210