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  • Cover: Holistic-Lightweight Approach for actuation systems of the next generation aircraft
  • Cover: Gestaltungsmethodik für Simulationsstudien in Umplanungsprojekten zur Energieeffizienzsteigerung in Fabriken
  • Cover: Efficiency Improvement of RF Energy Transfer by a Modified Voltage Multiplier RF DC Converter
  • Cover: Proceedings of the Media Psychology Division. 11th Conference of the Media Psychology Division 2019, German Psychological Society / Editors: Steve Nebel, Daniel Pietschmann, Sascha Schneider, Kevin Koban, Maik Beege, Alexander
Skulmowski, Peter Ohler & Günter Daniel Rey
  • Cover: Refractory metals low temperature diffusion bonding
  • Cover: Bikontinuierliche Kompositmembranen : Untersuchung ihrer Permeanzen bei höheren Temperaturen und ihr Einsatz zur Gastrocknung
  • Cover: 11. Saxon Simulation Meeting : Präsentationen und Vorträge des 11. Anwendertreffens am 26. März 2019 an der TU Chemnitz / Herausgeber: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Maik Berger
  • Cover: Gesten – gestern, heute, übermorgen. Vom Forschungsprojekt zur Ausstellung / Herausgegeben von Ellen Fricke, Jana Bressem
  • Cover: Herstellung von neuartigen Reflektorsystemen und Erarbeitung einer systembezogenen Integrationstechnologie für VIS und IR Fabry-Pérot Interferometer
  • Cover: Effective Speech Features for Cognitive Load Assessment: Classification and Regression

The Chemnitz University of Technology publishing house was founded in 2009 by the University Library. It supports the members of the Chemnitz University of Technology in scientific publishing and offers an inexpensively route to publishing according to the corporate design of the university. Furthermore, our terms of use (currently only available in German) ensures the long-term availability of your scientific work. With the offer of hybrid publishing, you get the advantages of an up-to-date, worldwide visibility, enriched by a publisher's publication.

The university press is open to scientists of the Chemnitz University of Technology who are the author or publisher of a scientific publication. According to our terms of use all publications will be electronically achieved on the university publication server MONARCH-Qucosa. Conference reports, anthologies and doctoral theses are particularly welcome. Bachelor and master students can publish their work in consent with their supervisor. The publications can appear as single issues as well as monographs in series.

The university press offers the production of a cost-effective print publication (print-on-demand) in close cooperation with an external service provider. The terms and conditions (costs, availability, rights) are regulated in an contract between author and university press.

The costs of the publication must be borne by the author. The total costs depend on the desired features, the number of copies, etc. and include the price of the service provider plus a small administration fee. Revenue from the sale of the books are used to cover the ongoing expenses and the advertising.

The author prepares the manuscript according to the publisher's specifications in electronic form. We perform a formal and technical check of the PDF file, take care of the envelope, the front-matter section and guarantee the printing and short delivery. Further, we assign an ISBN and submit the deposit copies to the German National Library and the Saxon State Library.

In the final step, the publication will be archived on the publication server MONARCH-Qucosa and listed in the library catalogue and the university bibliography. The author grants us a non-exclusive, transferable license and can still offer and distribute his work by other means.

If the printed book is adequately distributed in scientific libraries, the author can apply for royalties once (up to 3 years after publication) at the VG WORT. In the last years, the distribution for a book with 101 to 300 pages was:

  • 2016 (for 2015): 900 Euro
  • 2017 (for 2016): 900 Euro
  • 2018 (for 2017): 1800 Euro

This reimbursement can subsequently reduce the publication costs.

The author can participate in the distribution if he has concluded a Collection Agreement with the VG WORT. Additionally to the printed book, the author has the possibility to register also the online publication.

Tip: The author should conclude the Collection Agreement at an early stage, because the allocated counter must be implemented in MONARCH-Qucosa.

If you have any questions about the university press, please send an e-mail to the publisher‘s team or contact one of the persons listed below directly.

Contact persons

Cornelia Oertel
  • Phone:
    +49 371 531-31282
  • Fax:
    +49 371 531-831282
  • Email:
  • Room:
    Straße der Nationen 62, Raum A13.136
Sandra Konrad
  • Phone:
    +49 371 531-36858
  • Fax:
    +49 371 531-836858
  • Email:
  • Room:
    Straße der Nationen 62, Raum A13.224.2