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Open Access

The term Open Access signifies the free access to academic literature and other materials in the web. The publication of an academic document under open access conditions provides anyone with the permission to read, download, store, link and print a document and thus to make use of it free of charges. In addition, to users may be accorded further usage rights by free licences de which may enable the free subsequent and continued usage as well as the reproduction, dissemination but also the amendment of such documents.

With regard to open access publications, there are two ways: the green and the golden one. The Golden Way signifies the immediate free availability of the primary publication. The contents may be published either in an Open Access journal, an Open Access monograph or in a freely accessible conference publication. The Green Way of Open Access enables the secondary release of a publication resp. articles already published without access restrictions. For making use of the so-called self-archiving way within an institutional or subject-oriented repository, you have to be the holder of the required rights.

Within the frame of transformation agreements with publishers, chargeable publications may be published Open Access at the same time (Hybrid Publication).

Open Access at TU Chemnitz

Since many years, Chemnitz University of Technology and particularly the library are committed in various manners to Open Access.

Publication costs

Monitoring comprises different processes for observation and assessment of OA-publication data.

Publication manners

Open Access Publication enables anyone for access to research results.

(Legal) Regulations

This category summarizes legal regulations regarding Open Access Publication.

Quality of Open Access

This category includes valuable information regarding the selection of publishers.


There are a variety of opportunities for financing Open Access charges.

Service & Consultation

The Open Access Team provides individual consultation and services for assisting in Open Access Publication to all adherents of Chemnitz University of Technology.


The FAQ give answers to frequently asked questions in the field of Open Access.

News & Information

For events, current information, tools and recent publications with regard to the Open Access topic, please visit our Open Access News or subscribe to our mailing list.


For all inquiries regarding the Open Access topic, please send an email to the Open Access Team or address directly to our contact person.

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