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The University Library provides access to more than 100.000 e-books from different providers (German only) (Inform yourself about the E-Book providers, which contents in which formats are available, which requirements must be met for accessing and which storage or printing options are offered.).

You don’t need an e-book reader - within the campus network you have access to our e-books on every computer.If you have a valid URZ account from Chemnitz University of Technology, simply log into the campus network via VPN or Eduroam.

Students and employees of other universities get access if their own university belongs to the Eduroam network. Log in using the account information of your university.

If electronic resources (e.g. e-books from O'Reilly, SciFinderN) require authentication with the e-mail domain of the TU Chemnitz, access for non-TUC members is excluded.

E-Books licensed by the library

Oveview (only German) of all licensed E-Books by

All available E-Books can be researched in the Online Catalog.

E-Books und their use

Our FAQ provides answers to most questions - feel free to browse through!

The following tools can be useful when working with E-Books.


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