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All library users can consult the complete current collection of DIN-standards in full text. According to Paragraph 53 of the copyright law, the standards collection may not be used for commercial purposes.

Access to full texts (PDF) is possible via the database "Nautos" within the campus network. The database contains bibliographical descriptions of valid national and international standards, draft standards and data provided by the European and some International Standards Institutes.

The library offers access to the following standards:

  • DIN standards
  • DIN EN standards (European standards that are adopted as DIN standards)
  • DIN EN ISO standards, DIN ISO standards (European standards that were developed by ISO, the International Organisation of standard development, and adopted as DIN standards)
  • DIN ISO standards (German standards based on the international standard ISO)
  • DIN ETS standards (Educational testing service standards that are adopted as DIN standards)
  • DIN IEC standards (international electrotechnical comission standards that are adopted as DIN standards).

The DIN standards with VDE classification are accessible via the Database-Informationsystem DBIS. The database "DIN-VDE-standards" is licensed by Chemnitz University Library and can be used in the IP area of the university. Exporting, printing or saving the full texts is not permitted.

In addtion, all applicable VDI standards are available in electronic format. Access to full texts is possible via the database „Nautos“.

Access to full texts is also possible via the database „Nautos“.

ASTM-Standards (US) can be viewed in full text as PDF via the database "ASTM Compass" on the campus network.

We offer comprehensive advice in finding technical rules, guidelines, rules and leaflets. See our subject librarian on tuesdays and thursdays or ask at the information desk.

  • Selection of historical DIN standards (period: 1921-1944)
  • Taschenbücher der Stahl-Eisen-Prüfblätter, Stahl-Eisen-Betriebsblätter
  • VDMA-Einheitsblätter (corporate works standards)
  • Selection of archived TGL and RGW standards, also online via the German National Library (TGLs und Verzeichnisse staatlicher Standards der DDR)
  • DIN standards, which were withdrawn in 1990 (as of 2003)
  • DIN-VDE standards, which were withdrawn in 1990 (as of 2014)


If you have any questions, please contact the information desk on the 1st floor

or contact us by e-mail: or by phone: +49 371 531-13180.