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Professorship of Factory Planning and Intralogistics
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About The Chair of Factory Planning and Intralogistics

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The Chair of Factory Planning and Intralogistics at Chemnitz University of Technology focusses on the operation of holistic production and service systems. It has strong expertise in modeling and simulation, the design, implementation and operationalization of flexible, integrated production and logistic system solutions as well as in data acquisition and analysis for process monitoring and system diagnostics.

Co-organizing industry relevant events, and working closely with industry, the chair focusses on theory driven practice-oriented research that matters. This is also reflected in our cutting-edge research that is published in leading international journals and our teaching, which focusses on preparing students for their future challenges in practice through a strong focus on process thinking and problem-solving skills.



The CETPM is an institute at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences. t offers professionals and executives the opportunity to enhance their skills and undergo personal development through a comprehensive range of seminars, courses with university certification, workshops, and networking events. The areas of expertise include Operational Excellence, Lean Management, TPM / Maintenance, Quality & Six Sigma, as well as leadership skills and personal development.

The CETPM provides unique learning environments with its teaching factories and teaching offices. Using real processes, participants can directly apply the methods and tools taught and experience the effects firsthand. With on-site support, CETPM assists companies in achieving their desired outcomes. Books from the ?Deutscher Management Verlag? and numerous practical aids complement the offerings.

All About Lean

Logo Blog allaboutlean.com

AllAboutLean.com is a comprehensive resource dedicated to lean manufacturing, lean management, and manufacturing history. The blog is written by Prof. Dr. Christoph Roser, a seasoned industry expert with over two decades of experience. It encompasses a wealth of information on lean tools, methodologies, and concepts such as Kanban, Just-in-Time, and the Toyota Production System.

The content is a mix of in-depth articles, case studies, and practical tips, aimed at improving production efficiency and business processes. It serves as an educational platform for students, professionals, and anyone interested in operational excellence, providing valuable insights to streamline workflows and enhance productivity in manufacturing environments.