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Department of Factory Planning and Factory Management

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Egon Müller

Erfenschlager Straße 73, Room C 016

Tel.: +49 (371) 531 35 309
Fax: +49 (371) 531 23 229

E-Mail: egon.mueller@...

Consultation hours:

By arrangement

Research project with EXCELLENZ:

MERGE Technologies for Multifunctional Lightweight Structures technology fusion for multi-functional lightweight structures

IRD C: Textile-/Plastics-based Technologies
C2: Process merger of the casting metal / plastics injection molding technologies for components of lightweight conveyor systems

New publication:

2. completely revised and enlarged edition in 2013
Publisher: Springer-Verlag Vieweg
ISBN 978-3-642-05458-7

Schenk, Michael; Wirth, Siegfried; Müller, Egon

Factory Planning and Factory Operation - Methods for the versatile, networked and resource-efficient factory. (VDI-Buch)

Planning and managing responsive and versatile factories

The factory of the future must be responsive, be changeably and cross-linkable. The methods of factory planning and factory operations must meet these requirements, so the authors have adapted and developed the new requirements. They present a typology of factories, factory and competence networks, whose dimension and structure support the selection process of plant types.

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