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Department of Factory Planning and Factory Management
Profile and Working Areas


We welcome you at our university and would like to inform you about the main facts of our department.
The chair of our department Factory Planning and Factory Management is Univ. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Egon Müller. We, Prof. Müller and his staff, consider ourselves as a competent partner for the planning and operation of holistic production and factory systems.
Our Department has a dynamic and diverse research program spanning various areas within the discipline.
Basically our research is focused on the investigation as well as the development of future production structures and any kind of new factory concepts, particularly for the machine and plant construction industry, the automotive industry and their suppliers, moreover the electronic and textile industry.
Hereby, we consider the current development in the progressive performance of information technology, increasing networking, shortage of resources, higher standards for production and factory systems. Those standards, in particular the learning ability and the adaptability, are required.
We are working on new methods and tools for the planning and operation of energy-efficient and adaptable production systems and factories.
In addition we focus our research on progressive topics, for example, the development and implementation of flexible, adaptable and smart factories. Furthermore, we are searching for designs and implementation of holistic production systems. The configuration and coordination of development and added value networks is another topic we consider as well as quality, environmental and energy management systems. We also plan sustained and flexible qualification concepts for our teaching and work areas.
Our research is based on high-quality competences in the areas of modeling and simulation, digital factory and energy-efficient factory planning. We are also experts the area of project management, as well as in the methods and tools of quality management.

Further our core areas of our research are:
  • Flexible, integrated production and logistics systems solutions,
  • Innovative approaches to the operating data acquisition and analysis,
  • Process monitoring and system diagnostics,
  • Development of maintenance concepts and
  • Development and validation of flexible, more responsive and robust production processes.

Our staff secures and underpins the basic and the practice-oriented research in the role as an industry-relevant event co-organizer, because of the successful implementation of various industrial projects as well as the involvement with the industrial partners in their research projects.

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