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Professorship of Factory Planning and Intralogistics
Transfer & Outreach
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Transfer & Outreach

Knowledge transfer from science and practice is one of the main tasks of the professorship. The research and test results from projects are made available to a wide range of interested parties in the form of national and international scientific publications, conferences and meetings in coordination with the companies involved. In addition, transfer is one of our main tasks at the competence center Mittelstand-Digital. We inform SMEs on the topics of digitalization and AI through workshops, business forums, theme days and a wide range of media. Further dissemination and exploitation takes place through close cooperation with regional and national organizations, including the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, WFE and VDI.

Companies can also use the Experimental and Digital Factory (EDF) to test newly developed products, concepts, processes and business models under real-life conditions.

Current programs are constantly being expanded and new courses for skill development designed. Target groups are management, workshop managers and employees. The aim is to develop structured programs that systematically cover various topics of holistic management. The aim is to work closely with existing programs, institutes for further education and TUCed in the areas of quality, operational excellence and digitalization. Public relations and visibility in the region are also important, for example through regional events and popular science publications, which aim to make our research visible and accessible to the public.