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Department of Factory Planning and Factory Management
Experimental and Digital Factory

Experimental and Digital Factory (EDF)

Compact representation of EDF

The combination of experimental and Digital Factory (EDF), 'flexible modular factory and Innovation Laboratory at the Department of Factory Planning and Factory Management represents an important basis for excellent research in the field of factory planning and factory operations and logistics.

The EDF is understood as a representation of a "complete mini-factory" with all the essential editing and logistics components of general cargo as well as components whose production planning and control. The immediate interplay between planning and operation enables application-development / adaptation of methods and tools for factory planning and operation as well as the behavioral study of factory and logistics processes and configurations. Research priorities include versatility, energy efficiency, and identification and navigation concepts.

Model of the experimental center of the EDF

The EDF was officially opened on 21.10.2004 and since then continuously expanded and adapted to the latest developments. The overall goal is to implement the symbiosis of virtual and real factory. This open and interactive configuration and integrative approach to various aspects of an innovation-friendly and future-oriented learning environment for students as well as for companies and their employees will be created.

The laboratory environment represents the current state of technology and technology and thus enables the application of innovative technologies and concepts in a reality-inspired factory environment.


Virtual tour through the experimentation and Digital Factory (EDF)

Efficient conversion kit factory

An integral part of experimentation and Digital Factory (EDF) is the Changeable Factory kit. The following video demonstrates the conversion-capable factory kit:

Efficient conversion demonstration plant modular



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