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Staff Mobility of Teaching Assignment (STA)

Staff Mobility for Teaching Assignment (STA)

Erasmus+ supports guest lectureships at European partner institutions. The aim of Staff Mobility is amongst other things to provide teaching content to students at partner institutions who are not able or do not wish to go abroad, and thereby supplement the teaching offered by the partner institution.

Support will be provided for visits that:


  • lead to the production of new teaching materials and enrich the teaching on offer,
  • are used to strengthen and broaden links between departments and faculties, and to prepare joint projects between the home and host institutions, or
  • help establish contacts and extend networks.


Eligibility criteria

  • Teaching responsibilities at the partner institution must be at least 8 hours per week. Minimum visit of 2 days (excluding travel time)
  • There must be a valid Erasmus+ inter-institutional agreement with the relevant host institution.
  • “Eligible persons:” professors, lecturers and research associates employed at the TU Chemnitz and engaged in teaching activities.

The programme provides for:

  • Reimbursement of travel costs in accordance with EU rates (in proportion to distance travelled, distance calculator here)
  • Reimbursement of living expenses in accordance with EU rates for country of destination (overview here)
  • Recognition: Certificate of participation issued by the International Office, which will be saved as evidence in HR files


  • A comprehensive overview of current Staff Mobility partnerships is available here.

Applications/Documents for 2018/2019


  • Before your visit:

1. International Office application form (Submit asap, recommended at the latest by 30.09.2018. Applications submitted after this date can only be considered if there are sufficient funds available).


2. Submit Mobility Agreement (teaching programme) in coordination with partner institution (issued by International Office once application has been approved)


3. Copy of Travel Authorisation Request



  • After your visit:

1. Submit Letter of Confirmation (original copy)

2. Submit online questionnaire to Erasmus database (automated request by email)


Please submit your Letter of Confirmation promptly (at the latest four weeks after your return) to Mr Sachs in the International Office.

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