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Promos Scholarship

Promos Scholarship

Grants for stays abroad in Non-European countries (at partner universities and as "Free Mover"-student)


Current call for applications:
For stays starting between July and December 2024, students can submit their application for a Promos scholarship until 3 May 2024 (see application information below).

The selection decision is expected to be announced in June 2024.


Applications for:


  • Study grants (1 to 6 months)
    Support is available both for short-term visits (for instance to complete final dissertations) and for study visits of up to a semester (doctoral candidates not eligible), preferably at non-European institutions (also including UK).
    Funding: monthly accommodation and maintenance subsidy for 3 months max., one-off flat-rate contribution to travel costs

    ***For stays in the European area (Erasmus area), please arrange a consultation in advance, as funding is only available under certain circumstances***
  • Internship placements (1 to 6 months)
    Funding available for student placements (doctoral candidates not eligible) outside Europe. In exceptional cases, funding may be available for placements within Europe, but only for students who have already taken part in an ERASMUS-funded placement.
    Funding: one-off flat-rate travel allowance

  • Language courses (3 weeks to 6 months)
    Grant available for undergraduates, masters and doctoral candidates undertaking language courses (full-time courses of at least 25 hours/week with the exception of English, French and A1-level Spanish) at state or private universities in any country worldwide.
    Funding: one-off flat-rate language course allowance, currently €500

  • Specialist courses (5 days to 6 weeks)
    Grant for undergraduates, masters and doctoral candidates undertaking specialist courses provided by universities or scientific organisations abroad. It is not possible to subsidise travel to conferences, conventions or lectures.
    Funding: one-off flat-rate specialist course allowance, currently €500

  • Study visits including travel to competitions and concerts
    Grants are available to support study visits abroad (student excursions supervised by the relevant department) by undergraduates and masters and doctoral candidates (max. 12 days) by means of a daily allowance (€45). Grants aim to facilitate provision of subject-related knowledge, geographical and cultural insight and interaction with local students and academics.


Applications are open to undergraduate, masters and doctoral students with German citizenship or who have equivalent status pursuant to section 8(1)(2)ff, 8(2), 8(2a) and 8(3) of the BAföG (Federal Training Assistance Act) (see http://www.das-neue-bafoeg.de/de/224.php) and from 2015 to non-German students and graduates who are enrolled at the TU Chemnitz for the purposes of completing their studies or their doctorate.


PROMOS 2024 funding rates: An overview of funding rates is offered by the International Office.


Application documents (to be handed in as one PDF-file (surname, first name) in TUC-cloud): UPLOAD APPLICATION

Application deadline: 3 May 2024


  • completed application form
  • CV
  • valid matriculation certificate for TU Chemnitz
  • personal statement/presentation of planned activity
  • certification of results from the Central Examinations Office
  • confirmation of host university/placement (may be submitted at a later date)
  • official certification of language competence for language of instruction/country (except for language courses)
  • copy of Bachelor certificate if applicable


The International Office Grants Committee awards grants primarily on the basis of qualifications/academic achievement, the feasibility of the visit and its relevance to the student’s subject, and the required language skills. The range of factors taken into account, their evaluation and the need to maintain absolute confidentiality in relation to the decisions of the International Office Grants Committee means that it is not possible to advise applicants of the reasons for decisions.


Learning Agreement/Recognition of Courses of Study:

If you are undertaking a study visit, please complete a Learning Agreement at least 1–2 months before the start of your visit, in consultation with the person responsible in your department and the examination board. Please hand in a copy of the completed and signed Learning Agreement to the International Office before departure. 

General information on the recognition of courses completed abroad are offered by the International Office.


Travel safety information

Once you are confirmed as a grant holder you should register with the German Foreign Office website, wherever you are going, but particularly for travel to regions where the security situation is critical (Electronic Registration of German Citizens Abroad). If an official travel warning is issued in respect of your destination country/region, we will not be able to award a grant. If a travel warning is issued for your destination country/region after you have arrived there, we will have to ask you to leave and will have to discontinue your grant.


When planning and carrying out activities abroad, it is strongly advised to observe the travel and safety advice and in particular the (partial) travel warnings of the Federal Foreign Office (https://www.auswaertiges-amt.de/de/ReiseUndSicherheit).


Insurance information

Please ensure that you have adequate overseas health insurance cover. It is recommended that you take out additional personal liability and accident insurance, especially for placements abroad. Please note that neither TU Chemnitz nor the PROMOS Grant Programme provides insurance cover. Once you are confirmed as a grant holder you are entitled to take out DAAD Group Insurance, which consists of overseas health, personal liability and accident insurance. Further information is available from https://www.daad.de/versicherung/ or from the DAAD insurance office at Versicherungsstelle@daad.de


Follow-up documentation

Please hand in your Letter of Confirmation (confirmation of your visit by your host institution) and Transcript of Records or placement/language/specialist course certificate, along with a brief report on your experience (1.5 pages max.) at the latest one month after your return.



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