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Stays abroad worldwide

Stays abroad worldwide

Visiting a university in another country brings many benefits:


  • You get to know a different academic and research environment.
  • You deepen your language competence.
  • You are immersed in another culture and thus develop your intercultural skills.
  • You develop personally.
  • You may make friendships that last all your life.

Before you start on your foreign study adventure, you will need to collect a lot of information and make a lot of decisions. To help you with this, this website provides a few tips.


Some basics:


  • A visit abroad needs to be carefully planned. Around a year before you want your visit to start, think about your options for your semester abroad. This gives you enoughtime to get all the documentation together and meet all the deadlines.
  • Find out about the programme for the semester and the application deadlines for the university of your choice. These may differ significantly from those at TU Chemnitz.
  • To organise all this you will need lots of initiative!
  • Most universities worldwide will allow you to attend for one or two semesters – whether TU Chemnitz has a partnership agreement with your desired university or not.
  • Ask your friends and classmates about their experiences abroad.

To identify the right kind of visit for you, answer the following questions:

  • What are my goals for my visit abroad?
  • How important is it that any credits I gain abroad are recognised?
  • How dependent am I on grant funding?
  • Do I mainly want to make progress with my subject or do I want to focus on developing my language skills?

Your answers to these questions will tell you which options to consider for your visit abroad.


If it is particularly important to you that study credits gained abroad are recognised and that you receive financial assistance, the ERASMUS programme is recommended. Further information is available from our ERASMUS-Website.

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