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Do I automatically get a grant if I travel abroad under a TU Chemnitz partnership agreement?

No. The benefit of a partnership agreement is that our students are generally exempt from paying tuition fees at the partner institution. You are responsible for your own travel costs and living expenses. If you are on a visit lasting more than six months to an institution that is not one of TU Chemnitz’ ERASMUS partners, we recommend you apply to the PROMOS programme.

Which institutions can I attend for my visit abroad?

Institutions that have a partnership agreement or an ERASMUS agreement with TU Chemnitz are particularly recommended for your semester abroad. In principle you can apply to any foreign institution offering partial or non-degree study, but you will have to pay tuition fees.

Will the International Office organise my visit abroad?

Spending a semester abroad requires a lot of preparation and initiative. The International Office will help you consult partners abroad when you are planning an exchange under one of our university partnerships. We are happy to provide advice on this topic.

Each individual student is responsible for finding a suitable institution, courses and accommodation in their destination country, organising a visa and arranging recognition of any study credits gained abroad.

What can I expect when I apply to my host institution?

Find out in good time about application procedures and deadlines at your chosen institution. Please also note that semester dates abroad are often different from those at TU Chemnitz.
Make sure that you comply with the deadline for submitting your application, since late applications are generally not considered. Submit all required documentation – this will minimise any delays in processing your application.

Should I apply to my host institution as a degree student or a non-degree student?

For a visit of one or two semesters, you should apply as a non-degree student. This means that you will take your final examinations at TU Chemnitz and will only be enrolled at your host institution for part of your studies.

If you apply as a degree student you will be seeking to complete your entire course of study abroad, including final examinations.

When can I apply for a visa?

In order to apply for a visa you need a letter of acceptance from your host institution. You should submit this along with your visa application to the relevant embassy or consulate. Please find out how long it generally takes to issue a visa for your desired country.

How will the study credits I gain abroad be recognised?

Please discuss the options for recognising study credits with your professors before departure. Please also ask whether any additional proof is required beyond a transcript of records.

What do I need to think about in relation to health insurance?

In order to register at an institution abroad, you will need to provide proof of adequate health insurance cover. Take out insurance for the entire duration of your visit. The International Office recommends that you seek a variety of insurance quotes and compare the cover they offer and what they cost. Make sure you take proof of insurance with you when you travel and retain the originals of all documents you are given if you have medical treatment.

What documents do I need to submit to my host institution in order to register with them?

The letter of admission from your host institution specifies the documents you will need to bring with you to registration. Please take all the documents listed, to ensure that your registration goes smoothly.

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