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Student Mobility for Internships (SMP)

Internship Abroad

Erasmus+ Internships

The EU Erasmus+ programme also supports internships in other European countries. Internships EU institutions/organisations, national diplomatic representations or organisations that manage EU programmes are not eligible for funding. An overview on the Erasmus+ Programme Countries can be foun dhere: Link Erasmus+ Programme Countries.
Support is available to students for mandatory and voluntary internships of between two and twelve months, in the form of a monthly grant. Internships can be self-standing or undertaken in combination with an Erasmus+ study visit.

Further information on grants is available from the information events or directly from the International Office.



Internships in a non-European country


An internship abroad can also be funded in certain non-European countries as part of a separate Erasmus+ funding schene.



Eligibility criteria for grants

  • Voluntary or mandatory placement
  • Placement arranged by the individual (or via the LEONARDO-BÜRO contact network)
  • Minimum duration 2 months

How to apply

Applications should be submitted directly to LEONARDO-BÜRO SAXONY and can be submitted at any time, ideally at the latest three months before the start of the internship.

Application including use of company contact network: 6 months before departure
Details on application procedures are at: www.leo.tu-dresden.de




E-mail: auslandspraktikum.leosachsen@tu-dresden.de

Phone number and hours: +49 351 463 39738

Visiting address and hours: Nürnberger Str. 31a, 01187 Dresden, Raum 107


Recognition of internships abroad:

  • Please note these guidelines on the recognition of internships abroad.

Oliver Sachs M.A.

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