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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Sufficient health insurance covering - including travelling familiy members, if applicable - is an indispensable condition for your stay at Chemnitz University of Technology. For citizens of Non-EU-member countries (so-called "third-party countries"), the proof of sufficient health insurance covering is even mandatory. For citizens from EU-members and some other European countries, different regulations apply (see below).

The necessity resp. obligation of additional health insurance covering depends on the country of origin: For scientists (and travelling familiy members, if applicable) from Non-EU-member countries ("Third-party countries"), the proof of sufficient health insurance covering for the time of their stay in Germany is mandatory and belongs to the compulsory requirements for the issue of a residence permit. Please check at first, if your local health insurance covers also costs for consulting a physician or for hospital during your stay in Germany. In the case that the covering is not sufficient, you are obliged to sign a contract with an additional health insurance company.

For citizens of the European Union as well as Island, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switterland, different regulations apply. You find a respective summary on the website of EURAXESS.

In the case that you are employed within a working contract, you are subject to the German health insurance obligation. An exception would be made if your country of origin has concluded a social security agreement with Germany which includes also health insurance. In that case you can be exempted from the German health insurance obligation by a certificate issued by your local health insurance or social security authority. Please contact your local health insurance in this respect.

There are statutory as well as private health insurance companies in Germany: For the statutory health insurance companies, since January 1, 2009 a standard contribution rate applies which is currently 14,6%. Up to a gross income of currently 54,450.00 Euro ("income threshold"), you are obliged to join a statutory health insurance. Which statutory health insurance company you choose, you are free. Wheras their payments are standardized to a great extent, there are nontheless differences regarding customer service, additional payments and optional tariffs so that they are worth a comparison. Chemnitz University of Technology cooperates with the Techniker Krankenkasse which also maintains an English-speaking Welcome Service for international PhD-students and scientists. For detailed information, please click here. Please be aware that there is a great number and variety of health insurance providers on the market. You find a list of all statutory health insurance companies in Germany on the website of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Companies.

From a gross income of currently 54,450.00 Euro on, you are free in your selection between a statutory or private health insurance company. As, in contrast to the statutory providers, the private health insurance companies vary also in their respective contribution rates, an intensive comparision of costs and payments is strongly recommended. You find a list of all private health insurance companies on the website of the Assocation of Private Health Insurance Companies.

Please inform your employer of your selected health insurance company because he will take over the registration. The health insurance will then register you at the other health insurance agencies (Pension Fund, Unemplyment Insurance). The contributions for the health insurance will be deducted directly from your gross income whereas the employer himself also pays an own share. If you are not employed and do not receive a salary, you have got to pay the contribution for the health insurance of your own funds.


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