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Settlement Permit

Settlement Permit

A Settlement Permit is, according to Section 9 Residence Act, a title of residence without any limit of time and without any limitations regarding the permission of taking up an employment in Germany.

A Settlement Permit may be issued to a foreigner under the conditions that

  • he is in possession of a residence permit since 5 years
  • his costs of living are ensured
  • he has paid mandatory or voluntary contributions to the Statutory Pension Fund for at least 60 months
  • he has not committed severe offenses against the public order and security
  • he is in possession of a work permit insofar he is an employee
  • he is in possession of all other permits required for the permanent exercise of his employment
  • he can prove sufficient German language proficiency
  • he has basic knowledge regarding the legal and social regulations as well as concerning the conditions of living in Germany and
  • he disposes of sufficient accommodation for himself and for family members who are living with him in the same household.

According to Section 19 Residence Act, the Settlement Permit can be immediately issued to highly-qualified foreigners in the case that the legal prerequirements are met. The Settlement Permit is the title of residence which is connected to the most comprehensive rights for foreigners in Germany. Beyond that, solely the naturalization as citizen of Germany rests as ultimate step of integration.

These indications should serve as first general orientation. With regard to the respective individual circumstances of each stay as a foreigner in Germany and the corresponding legal regulations, particularly when coming from a "third-party country", it is strongly recommended to get in touch with the responsible Immigration Authority as soon as possible in any case.

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