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Long Night of Postponed Course Papers
Lange Nacht der aufgeschobenen Hausarbeiten

Long Night of Postponed Course Papers

Postponed is not abandoned – finally complete the course paper!

„Postponed is not abandoned – finally complete the course paper!“
With this objective, the tradition of the “Long Night of Postponed Course Papers” is being revived again after pandemic-related break.
However, the location is new: For the first time, the event will happen in the new building of the University Library.
In addition to workshops and information booths, also snacks and drinks are offered, but one above all – lots of time for writing your course paper!.

Ort: University Library Chemnitz, Straße der Nationen 33

Schedule information

Time Room Speaker/s Title + Content Presentation language
06:00 pm IdeenReich

Student Union Chemnitz-Zwickau

Textual Work and Texting Coaching Berlin)

Everyone of us postpones tasks from time to time. This is quite normal. The lecture deals with questions such as: In which situations do we particularly "like" to procrastinate tasks? What good reasons do we have for procrastinating? When is procrastination no longer acceptable? And above all: What strategies we know to prevent procrastination? The lecture therefore provides a lot of information, but includes also lots of practical tips and advices that could be tried out immediately or even later at home.

07:30 pm IdeenReich

M.A., Professorship for Empirical Social Research/Methodological Competence Centre of the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences, scientific staff member

The workshop “How to conduct a survey appropriately” is supposed to offer answers to the three crucial questions on “what” I would like to conduct a survey, “how” an appropriate survey shall be designed and “whom” is the target group for implementing the survey.

08:00 pm Room 311


University Library, Deputy Director

M.A., University Library, Subject Specialist

The workshop shall give a short overview of the search opportunities provided on the websites of the Library. Although the focus is put on the usage of the Online-Catalog, also a short introduction to the handling of the Electronic Journal Database and the Database-Information-System shall be offered. In conclusion, existing online-tutorials and e-learning-opportunities related to the content are presented and naturally questions are answered during as well as after the workshop.
The workshop is provided in German and parallel in English.


08:30 pm Room 311

M.A., University Library, Subject Specialist

University Library, Service Coordinator

In a short 20-minute introduction we'll show you what reference management software is, what it does and how they're of use for your work.
The workshop is provided in German and parallel in English.

09:00 pm IdeenReich

University Computer Centre

Within this brief workshop, we will focus on frequently occurring mistakes in LaTeX-manuscripts. In order to assure that your course paper also complies with formal criteria, we will provide you with information and hints for avoiding mistakes of that kind.

09:30 pm IdeenReich

Entrepreneurs Network SAXEED

There are different strategies to overcome „Prokrastination“. Apart from a variety of technics, like the Pomodoro-technic, or to ask friends and other students for support, a clear idea of the own objectives might be a strong motivation.
Further information regarding SAXEED:
We as Entrepreneurs Network SAXEED, jointly with the Career Service, both services of Chemnitz University of Technology, offer your assistance right to that topic. We support students in reaching their objectives subsequent to studies. This might be the start into a job but also the path towards entrepreneurship.
During the “Night of the Postponed Course Papers”, we will be there for you at an information booth. You are cordially invited to chat with us or to define together with us your objectives and look for ways to make them true after completion of studies. Quite frequently, already a conversation with a professional or entrepreneur helps a lot in getting a deeper understanding which competencies and skills are required for the desired field. This might i.a. contribute to overcome mental barriers and thus also to complete course and final papers in a shorter time


Time to get moving

From 07:00 pm on every full hour: Sports offer by the Centre for Sports and Health Promotion-ZfSG
From 10:00 pm on by online-tutorial

Time for assistance

Information booths at the ground floor/foyer until 10:00 pm
University Library Which searching instruments for literature are offered by the University Library and how do I make use of them in an efficient and effective way in order to find specifically appropriate literature corresponding to the topic of my course paper? Of which technical opportunities may I dispose to store and administrate the results of my searches? Which texts may I use for my course paper and of which I should better not make use? Not only those but also all other questions around literature for your course paper are voluntarily answered at the booth of the University Library.
Student Union Chemnitz-Zwickau Those who would like to close the book and look up from their laptop from time to time, are warmly welcome to visit the information booth of the Student Union Chemnitz-Zwickau. We answer questions all around student life (financing, jobs, organization of studies, social and financial assistance etc.). In case you have inquiries regarding the offers of the Student Union for psychological and social assistance, you are also very right to address to us! We support and consult on-site and are looking forward chat with you and see you.
University Computer Centre At our booth, we offer advice and assistance for overcoming challenges within the elaboration of the course paper with MS Office or the typesetting system LaTeX. However, we voluntarily offer our support also regarding other tools from the services portfolio of the University Computer Centre.
Methodological Competence Centre of the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences The Methodological Competence Centre has for objective to support with advice and assistance to overcome methodological challenges in the context of issues in the field of Empirical Social Research. By a various offer of workshops, methodological consultancy, presentations, lectures and workshop discussions, we would like to assist in the promotion of individual research projects (scientific qualification papers, research projects, methodological advancement and much more) in a sophisticated way.
Student Council The Student Council jointly with the faculty student representatives is at your disposal for guidance regarding your studies and minor little problems in order to join hands with the students in the best way. For students – by students.
Entrepreneurs Network SAXEED According to the slogan “Future after studies”, useful information is offered at the booth of SAXEED and focused questions are asked in order to support in planning the individual future career and to overcome potential procrastination. Based on the results of a brief individual test, we will explain different ways after studies related to the individual strengths of the participants and provide a brief overview of the corresponding coaching offers at Chemnitz University of Technology.
Texting Coaching
Professorship of Intercultural Communication
Textual Work and Texting Coaching Berlin
At the Texting Coaching, you may address your questions emerging during the elaboration of your course paper: How may I structure appropriately? How may I design introduction and conclusion in a way that works? How may I combine sentences in a manner that they explain clearly complex issues without seeming convoluted. Are my orthography and grammar correct? For those and all other questions around the topic “Texting”, Mr. Dr. Burkhard Müller from the Centre for Foreign Languages and Ms. Dr. Melanie Hühn from the Professorship of Intercultural Communication as well as until 08:00 pm Ms. Dr. Peggy Jacob (Textual Work and Texting Coaching Berlin) are at your disposal.
In addition to the “Long Night of Postponed Course Papers”, you may also profit from other offers at Chemnitz University of Technology for assisting you in your scientific work:
  • a term-accompanying course „Scientific Writing“, Thursday from 11:30 am to 01:00 pm
  • a Texting Week from March 13-17, 2023 from 09:00 am to 12:15 pm respectively; the registration has already been started
  • a consultation hour for texting, during the term from 11:30 am to 01:00 pm respectively or by appointment
Courses and consultation hours are offered by Dr. Burkhard Müller: .

You may register at the Foreign Language Centre of Chemnitz University of Technology.

Time for snacks and drinks

For the provision of the snacks and drinks as well as for the design of the marketing material, cordial thanks to Student Union Chemnitz - Zwickau.

…and above all:

Please write, write, write!
Our best wishes for the successful completion of your course paper.