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Academic Advisory Council

Academic Advisory Council of the Foreign Language Centre

Group of the University Professors and Academic Staff Members

Maxililian Eibl (Chair), Prof.
Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Teaching and International Affairs

Evgeny Kataev, Assistant Prof.
Junior Research Group of Supramolecular Chemistry
Faculty of Natural Sciences

Vladimir Shikhman, Prof.
Chair of Economathematics
Faculty of Mathematics

Thomas von Unwerth, Prof.
Chair of Advanced Power Trains
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Madhukar Chandra, Prof.
Chair of Microwave Engineering and Electromagnetic Theory
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Alejandro Javier Masrur, Assistant Prof.
Junior Research Group of Computer Architecture and Systems
Faculty of Computer Science

Thomas Kuhn, Prof.
Chair of Political Economics IV – Finance
Faculty of Economics

Teresa Paula Pinheiro, Prof.
Chair of Cultural and Social Change
Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences

Henriette Dausend, Assistant Prof.
Junior Research Group of Primary School Didactics
Teacher Training Centre

Group of the Professors representing one of the Philologies (English & American Studies; German Studies) within the Philosophical Faculty

Cecile Sandten, Prof.
Chair of English Literature
Faculty of Humanities

Ellen Fricke, Prof.
Chair of German Linguistics, Semiotics and Multimodal Communication
Faculty of Humanities

Students’ Representatives





Members not eligible to vote

Winfried Thielmann, Prof.
Academic Director of the Foreign Language Centre

Angela Minogue, Dr.
Managing Director of the Foreign Language Centre

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