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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Enrolment, registration and course organisation

All members of Chemnitz University of Technology, (i.e. registered students, employees, doctoral candidates).

No, our language courses are only for registered students and members of Chemnitz University of Technology. Link to further information on guest students at TU Chemnitz

Enrolment takes place via the OPAL learning platform: Link to OPAL

Details of each individual course, including a direct link to registration in our learning/course management program OPAL are shown in the online course programme for each semester Link to the course programme

Check through the course programme to check if there is another course that fits your schedule. If all of these are full, choose the one that you prefer and make sure you put your name on the waiting list via OPAL. Also, it is very important to attend the first lesson to claim a place if one becomes available. If you do not attend this first session, the place may be allocated to another student who is on the waiting list and has attended in person.

In principle, priority is given to students who have a compulsory or optional foreign language requirement as part of their degree programme.

Language courses always start in the second week of the university lecture period.

It is essential that you write an e-mail to your teacher to explain the situation as soon as possible before the start of the first lesson, otherwise your name may be deleted and your place offered to other students on the waiting list.

Most of our language courses take place twice a week for 90 minutes (i.e. a total of 4 course units, see example below). Both parts of the course must be completed in the combination specified in the timetable.

Example: Chinese language course 1 (language level A 1.1)

    Course session 1: 136000-001 | Chinese course 1 (A1.1) - 90 minutes

    Course session 2: 136000-001A | Chinese course 1 (A1.1) - 90 minutes

Language learning requires regular and active participation. We therefore recommend the following maximum absences:

  • Two sessions in a two-unit course (i.e. 4 course units)
  • Four sessions in a four-unit course (i.e. 8 course units)

Further information on our attendance rules and why they are important for our language courses may be found here: Link to particpation rules.


Please first find out about the exact requirements of your host institution and contact us in good time (ideally one semester in advance).

Please note that we can produce documentation of your language level only for performance at our institution (i.e. courses that you have taken or are currently taking in our language centre).

Further information can be found under this link.

Exam registration takes place at the beginning of the semester via the Central Examination Office (ZPA).

If you have any questions about exam registration, please contact the Examination Office (ZPA).

As a rule, you can repeat the examination or part of the examination in the next examination period.

As a rule, you can take the next higher-level course if you have successfully completed the previous course or module (see study regulations and module descriptions).

The following regulations apply to examinations within the framework of the TUC language certificate regulations Link TUC Language Certificate Regulations

For compulsory or compulsory elective language courses which form part of your degree programme, your degree/examination regulations (Studienordnung/Prüfungsordnung) apply. The modules for foreign languages are generally credited with 5 points.

Once the course has been completed and graded, the examination results will appear in OPAL. These results are sent directly to the Central Examinations Office (ZPA) by the Language Centre before the start of the following semester. You can then view your examination results in the ZPA self-service centre.

Placement Tests

Placement tests are organised for students with previous knowledge of the following languages:

  • English for all faculties (if you wish to take courses at level C1)
  • Slavic languages (Russian, Polish and Czech))
  • Romance languages (French, Italian and Spanish)
  • Chinese
  • Arabic

There are no placement tests for German as a foreign language or Business English.

Placement takes place within the framework of placement interviews or short written assignments.

To arrange appointments to assess your individual language level, please contact our language coordinators or the relevant teachers. Link zur ZFS team website

Placement tests usually take place before or during the course enrolment phase at the beginning of the semester. The exact dates will be announced on the website.

No. Placement tests are held only at the beginning of the semester.

The result of your placement test is valid for two semesters, i.e. in the current semester and the following semester.