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Faculty of Mathematics
Information for Students

Information for Students


The portal helpds high school students, studients and Ph.D. students in their search for suitable stipend from more than 2100 opportunities. The directory contains a great width of stipends, which cover cost of living, stays abroad or support for scientific projects. Moreover, the platform hosts numerous articles concerning applications for stipends as well as templates for applications.


The Faculty of Mathematics participates in the Deutschlandstipendium-Programm[de]. The bidding normally takes place in the winter term, and the application process starts in early June. If funding is available, additional stipends will be awarded in the spring term.

Sächsisches Landesstipendium und weitere lokale Stipendienangebote

Information on the Sächsisches Landesstipendium and further local stipend opportunities can be found on the scholarship homepage[de].

Networks for scholarships

The BMBF maintaines a catalogue of networks for scholarships[de]. One often needs a commendation letter of a university professor for the application of the scholarship. Simply ask the professor who you think knows you best.

Here, the boards of examiners of the combined Ba/Ma studies in Mathematics and the diploma studies of Mathematics, of the Bachelor studies in financial mathematics and of the bachelor studies in business mathematics inform about decisions concerning examination matters.

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