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Tasks and Objectives
TU Chemnitz - Forschungszentrum MAIN - Rosenbergstr. 6 - 09126 Chemnitz

Tasks and Objectives

The task of the Centre for Materials, Architectures and Integration of Nanomembranes (MAIN), as a Central Institution of Chemnitz University of Technology, is to explore the fundamental physical and chemical properties of flexible, nanostructured membranes (“nanomembranes”) as a novel material class and to open up their potential for use in engineering. The term nanomembranes covers functional structures which are very thin (down to one layer of atoms) but have an area in the micrometre range and are characterised by particular electronic, optoelectronic or electrochemical properties while having a high degree of mechanical flexibility. They form the basis for novel, tiny components which can be bent, stretched and shaped and are therefore extremely adaptable. The objective is to apply the findings of this research to the development of pioneering fields in materials science for the benefit of society, leading to new technologies and products in mobile communications, medicine and energy, for example. MAIN was built between 2011 (draft proposal) and 2018 (building handover) as a research building in accordance with Art. 91b Para. 1 No. 3 of the German Basic Law and was made a Central Institution of the University in August 2020.


Portrait: Prof. Dr. Prof. h.c. Oliver Schmidt
Prof. Dr. Prof. h.c. Oliver Schmidt
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