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Institute of Physics
Institute of Physics

Institute of Physics

The Institute of Physics provides

  • attractives courses and outstandig study conditions for students,
  • an excellent research environment for scientists,
  • and a wide range of events for the public

The collaboration with the Institute of Chemistry in research is exemplary. The focused research topics are established across the institutes under the umbrella of the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

In the field of teaching the updated consecutive physics course as well as more and more newly designed interdisciplinary study paths, like Computational Science, are offered.

A wide variety of public events for further education, pupil mentoring and study advertisement is also offered.



Wed 30.05.2018  16:00 Uhr Physikalisches Kolloquium   PH
"Magnetic imaging in transmission electron microscopy by phase retrieval"
Dr. Falk Röder  (TU Dresden)
Venue: 2 / N013
Contact TUC: Prof. Dr. Olav Hellwig  (Phone: 30521, Email:
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Thu 31.05.2018  13:30 Uhr Vortrag   PH
Verteidigung im Promotionsverfahren
"Semiconductor quantum dots entangled-photon sources: from wavelength tunability to high brightness"
Herr Yan Chen, M.Sc.  (Institut für Physik/IFW Dresden)
Venue: Physikgebäude, Seminarraum 2/P032
Contact TUC: Annett Kurasch  (