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Institute of Physics
Institute of Physics
Building of Institute of Physics 2018
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Welcome to the website of the Institute of Physics at the TU Chemnitz. We offer:

  • attractive courses and outstandig study conditions for students,
  • an excellent research environment for scientists,
  • and a wide range of events for the public

Within the area of research the cooperation with the Institute of Chemistry is paradigmatic. The focused research topics are established across the institutes under the umbrella of the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

In the field of teaching the updated consecutive physics course as well as more and more newly designed interdisciplinary study programmes are offered.

For the public there are ample offers of events for continuing education, support for scholars and promotion of studies.



Wed 20.01.2021  11:15 Uhr Physikalisches Kolloquium   PH
"Infrarotspektroskopische Beobachtung der Schwingungsmoden von Wasser in Montmorillonites"
Prof. Dr. Ingrid Wilke  (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Venue:  [ digitale LV ]  Webroom ZOOM (Link: ==> Meeting-ID: 861 5141 4530)
Contact TUC: Prof. Dr. Angela Thränhardt (Phone.: 0371 531 37636, Email:
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Wed 27.01.2021  11:15 Uhr Physikalisches Kolloquium   PH
"Artificial magnetoception enabled by wearable magnetic field sensors"
Dr. Denys Makarov  (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf - HZDR)
Venue:  [ digitale LV ]  Webroom BBB (Link:
Contact TUC: Prof. Dr. Olav Hellwig  (Phone: 30521, Email:
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