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Centre for Junior Scientists



Portrait: Prof. Dr. Anja Strobel
Prof. Dr. Anja Strobel
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    +49 371 531-10031
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Advisory Board (Term of office from 01.07.2021 bis 30.06.2024)


  • Prof. Dr. Anja Strobel, Vice President for Research and University Development

Voting members of the advisory board

  • Prof. Dr. Martin Weigel, Faculty of Natural Sciences
  • Prof. Dr. Philipp Reiter, Faculty of Mathematics
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Lampke, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Prof. Dr. Bernhard Wunderle, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Gaedke, Faculty of Computer Science
  • Jun.-Prof. Dr. Charlotte Förster, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
  • Jun.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Laux, Faculty of Humanities
  • Prof. Dr. Frank Asbrock, Faculty of Behavioral and Social Science
  • Dr. Kristina Roder, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Dr. Melanie Pfoh, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
  • Aline Lohse, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Jakob Kullik, Faculty of Humanities

Non-voting members of the advisory board

  • Dr. Benny Liebold, Head of the International Office
  • Dr. Nadia Lois, Managing Director of the Centre for Junior Scientists

Permanent Guest

  • Dr. Laura Ackermann, Commissioner of the University Management for Junior Researchers