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  • Alumni A young man with glasses speaks at university event.Five Questions for TU-alumni Miyas Orfali

    Miyas Orfali obtained his master’s degree in Information and Communication Systems from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at Chemnitz University of Technology last year, and he now works as an IT Consultant / Junior Environment Manager at Altran for Vodafone.

  • Alumni Prof. Nam-Trung Nguyen with award“Grit: A Combination of Passion, Perseverance and Persistence”

    Prof. Nam-Trung Nguyen, an alumni of Chemnitz University of Technology and a renowned expert for micro/nanofluidics with 20,000 citations to his works, first enrolled at Karl-Marx-Stadt University of Technology in 1988. Thirty one years on, he talks about his experiences in Chemnitz, about studying in Germany and his subsequent career.

  • Alumni Young woman smiles.New Episode: Chemnitz Career Paths

    Recent graduate Zahra Joulaei currently works as a web developer at Staffbase – in a video, she reports on how this came to be

  • Alumni A young indian man in talar holds his diploma.From Bengaluru to Hannover

    Abhishek Honnavalli Puttaiah from India is a Chemnitz University of Technology graduate who, with support from the university’s Career Service, has found employment in Hannover, with one of Germany’s largest automotive suppliers – however, getting there was a rocky path

  • Alumni Younger man with glasses smiles.Chemnitzer Career Paths

    In a new video series, graduates of Chemnitz University of Technology report on their post-graduation career paths

  • Alumni A man in the middle ages with short hair and glasses.“There Isn‘t Time to Be Bored“

    Uwe Beck is an alumnus of Technical University Karl Marx Stadt, and since August 2015 he has been Headmaster of the German School in Moscow – in the following interview, Beck talks about the intricacies of his working day in Russia

  • Alumni PortraitFrom Culture Shock to Second Home

    Vipul Swamy Ballupet, a native of Karnataka, India, graduated in 2017 from Chemnitz University of Technology. He is a 5th generation coffee grower and entrepreneur based in Chemnitz

  • Alumni Young indian man smiles.“Make the world a better place – every day!”

    Shubham Dosi works as a Function Development Engineer for Continental. After defending his master thesis in March 2016, he has been busy building his career in the Automotive industry.

  • Alumni Young woman with long hair and glasses.“The Challenges of Europe are My Passion”

    Neslihan Altun (28) is studying for her master’s degree in Public Policy at the Hertie School of Governance and working at the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs – she earned her bachelor’s degree in Chemnitz

  • Alumni Young indian woman."Never Give Up"

    Poulomi Mukherjee Reddy, a native of New Delhi, holds a Master’s Degree in Information and Communication Systems from TU Chemnitz. After graduating in 2016 she returned to India to build her own start-up in Mumbai

  • Alumni Portrait of Thomas Riediger Building bridges between university and economy

    TU alumni Thomas Riediger is manager at Porsche and is active as campus ambassador for teaching and research projects at Chemnitz University

  • Alumni Picture of a man in Silicon ValleyStruggle in the world of startups

    Chemnitz University graduate Tom Apel sought and found his luck with Chemnitz know-how in Silicon Valley near San Francisco

  • Alumni “Chemnitz is the Perfect Place to Study!“

    491 new graduates of the TU Chemnitz received a formal sendoff at the Graduation Celebration on April 9th, 2016 in the St. Petri Church.

  • Alumni Perfection is Achieved When Nothing Can Be Omitted

    Dr. Jörg Frömel was appointed to the position of associate professor at the Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan – how he accomplished so much and what the TU Chemnitz had to do with it

  • Alumni For Increased Safety in Gas Supply Systems

    TU Chemnitz graduate Tilo Beyer headed overseas projects for years in the field of chemical plant construction and recently took over the EVD GaswarnAnlagen GmbH

  • Alumni Security Policy Developments at a Glance

    TUC graduate Jakob Kullik conducts research in the field of security policy and is currently working on his dissertation at the Professorship of International Politics at the TU Chemnitz

  • Alumni Out of love and passion for sports

    TUC graduate and Lauf-KulTour initiator Dirk Lange is fascinated by endurance sports and has created an innovative start-up service portal on the Internet with his partners

  • Alumni Young scientists create innovative technologies

    After gaining a degree in mechanical engineering, TUC graduate Oliver Georgi received the Intec Award for his diploma project

  • Alumni Between Campus Tour and Fuchsbau Revival

    International Alumni Meeting brings together current and former students and staff of TU Chemnitz on 30 May 2015 – registration is possible until 15 May – there are three more events on the same day

  • Alumni From university research to self-employment

    After receiving his doctorate, Dr. Jörg Nestler has made a seamless transition to his own executive chair – the spin-off company BiFlow Systems GmbH was also supported by the start-up network SAXEED

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