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Five Questions for TU-alumni Miyas Orfali

Miyas Orfali obtained his master’s degree in Information and Communication Systems from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at Chemnitz University of Technology last year, and he now works as an IT Consultant / Junior Environment Manager at Altran for Vodafone.

Mr. Orfali, you completed your bachelor’s degree in Syria.  What made you decide to pursue a master’s degree at Chemnitz University of Technology?

Put simply: The university has a very good reputation.  A friend of my father had already studied at TU Chemnitz.  Today he is a professor at a university in Damascus.  I also had some Syrian friends who study at TU Chemnitz and they all advised me to apply.

How does studying in Germany differ from studying in Syria?

From the perspective of a graduate of two universities, in two different systems, I think that I have had quite different experiences at Chemnitz University of Technology.  The teaching style and the lectures are very different from what I experienced in my home country.  I had some problems in the beginning and was confused at times.  In the beginning it was a big challenge.  That only changed when I started to adapt to the system here.  I had help from professors and students who were willing to help and guide international students.  I am very grateful for that.

What did you like most about your studies at TU Chemnitz?

For me, the best thing about the education system at the university is that you can set your own pace.  The various current studies, the case studies, the group work, the research projects and exercises have helped me to develop my skills.  Support services offered by TU Chemnitz, such as the Career Service, have helped me to start my life in Germany.  Also, its practice-oriented approach makes Chemnitz University of Technology a good choice for international students like me.

What does your professional future look like?  What sort of wishes do you have?

I have worked very hard because I want to get ahead.  I love my work and it is important to me that I achieve my goals.  During the week I work 15 hours a day to meet my own expectations.  I want to gain as much engineering, management, research and development and leadership experience as possible.  I have goals and I work hard to achieve them.  I would also like to develop further with my current employer and share my experiences.

Do you have some advice for incoming freshmen?

Make sure you are happy with what you are studying.  The big dream can also be achieved by reaching many small goals.  Every day I work on my goals with discipline and perseverance.  Don't let anyone ruin your dreams and goals, especially not through negativity.  The only way to escape your fears is to filter out the opinions of others.  My life is mine.  The opportunities I seize, the people I meet, my love and my faith are what makes me who I am.  Keep going and don't give up! 

(Author: Evamaria Moore / Translation: Olayemi Richard Obagboye and Jeffrey Karnitz)

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