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Electrical Engineer by profession

Muhammad Maaz Younis from Pakistan came to Germany to study Embedded Systems at TU Chemnitz – How this has changed his outlook on life

Muhammad Maaz Younis from Pakistan came to Germany to study Embedded Systems at TU Chemnitz in 2018. He is currently writing his master’s thesis at EDC Electronic Design Chemnitz GmbH. He talked to us about his experiences studying in a new country and how this has changed his outlook on life.

Maaz, can you please introduce yourself briefly?

My name is Muhammad Maaz Younis, I was born in Islamabad, Pakistan. I am an Electrical Engineer by profession, who has the curiosity to know how different electronic systems work, how they can be designed and further improved by creativity and innovation.

Did you do before studying at TU Chemnitz?

In 2017, I completed my bachelor’s program in Electrical Engineering in Islamabad. Before coming to TU Chemnitz, I was working in a tech start-up, designing IoT (Internet of Things) Embedded products for home automation and managing the supply chain. Along with it, I worked as a teaching assistant at National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences in Islamabad.

Did you pick TU Chemnitz for your studies? What challenges did you face?

The course structure of Embedded System was my main reason to join TU Chemnitz. The courses on both hardware and software are offered in English. Another interesting fact is that TU Chemnitz offers interdisciplinary courses. This enabled me to take courses in the field of automotive systems and software platforms.

The environment of Chemnitz is student friendly but if you do not speak the German language, then it becomes difficult for an international student to communicate with locals and find a part time job, as the majority of people in Chemnitz do not speak English.

You are currently writing your master´s thesis at EDC Electronic Design Chemnitz GmbH. How did you find out about the company and what are your tasks there?

When I came to TU Chemnitz I heard about the technology park near the university. I was interested to find out about the companies located here, so I googled them and walked around a bit. This is how I found out about the company I am working at.

Basically, I have two tasks at work. For my master´s thesis I am working on a design and verification of an interface for an ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) and as a working student I am responsible for upgrades in existing products designed by the automation department of EDC.

How did the Career Service TU Chemnitz help you?

Career Service guided me in improving my CV and cover letter. During the consultation, I told my advisor Julia that I am interested in writing a thesis related to my field at EDC. So Career Service forwarded my application on my behalf to EDC and the next thing I know is that they liked my profile and called me for an interview. So this became a perfect opportunity for me to pursue my career in Germany.

Did studying in another country change your outlook on life?

Yes, a view of life changes when you live in another country away from your home. You struggle to communicate in another language and make continuous changes to adjust in the new environment. But this change is positive, as you meet people from different parts of the world and adapt to a new system, you grow and learn many things from this experience.

What was your personal highlight in your career so far?

Oh there were a lot. I completed my master’s program in two semesters with good grades. I got two engineering internships and also a silver and a bronze medal for my academic performance during my engineering. I designed a product for a start-up company and now I am able to write my thesis in a field of my interest.

What does your future career look like?

I want to explore the field of IC (Integrated circuit) design and testing by working in this field. Along with it, I would like to continue my work in the field of IoT, by designing innovative products.

Would you recommend to other (international) students?

Manage your time and set your priorities straight. You have to do almost everything by yourself so your time is precious. When you are alone and away from home, then you will face many difficult times. Make sure that you do not lose your focus and keep reminding yourself, why you are actually here. Make a habit to attend every lecture and exercise class, even when the course is not making much sense. Do what you can and don’t worry about the results. And of course: Make new friends from different parts of the world!

(Interview: Maria Hauschild)

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