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How an objective viewpoint can change the self-perception

Junior Professor Birgit Glorius reports in her podcast (english subtitles) about her experiences in the United States of America, vacation destinations and her research on refugee admission in Saxony

In the newest episode of “TUCpersönlich”, Junior Professor Birgit Glorius, head of the Junior Professorship Human Geography of East-Central Europe, tells, how a stay abroad in the United States of America changed her view on Germany, if travelling as a researcher is more of a blessing or a curse, and what hindered her to become famous in a band.

About “TUCpersönlich”

“TUCpersönlich” is a podcast series of six episodes per season, produced and published throughout the semester in the social media channels of Chemnitz University every four weeks. In the first season, primarily newcomer researchers and scientists at Chemnitz University get a chance to speak. But the following seasons will also deal with already established scientists and researchers as well as other personalities of Chemnitz University.

Other podcasts can be viewed in the YouTube channel of Chemnitz University of Technology:

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