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Information concerning re-enrollment

Information concerning re-enrollment

By re-enrollment the student declares his intention to continue his studies at TU Chemnitz.
Students have to re-enroll in a correct way and in due time. The payment of the semester con-tribution is considered as application for re-enrollment.
In case that there are not any reasons for denial, the re-enrollment will take place at the same time.

An application for withdrawal from the student body has to be submitted before the re-enrollment (see below "Withdrawal from the student body").

Students have to re-enroll until the deadline indicated by the - Academic Calendar -. An application for re-enrollment which is not submitted in due time might cause de-enrollment until the end of the current term.

Students re-enroll online by the Self-Service-Portal - SBservice - of TU Chemnitz. They are entitled to use the PCs of the pools of TU Chemnitz, their PC at home or any other PC with access to the internet.

For payment of the semester contribution by direct debiting has to be submitted one-time a SEPA Direct Debit Mandate. As soon as this mandate is received by the Student Service, the direct debit order can be processed. You are then immediately re-enrolled.

In the case you prefer the payment of the semester contribution by bank transfer, please be aware of the fact that it takes up to 5 working days until the payment is booked which has to take place before we can re-enroll you.

In exceptional cases, also the re-enrollment at the Servicepoint of the Student Service by EC-Card is possible.

For further information please access the - SBservice -.


Withdrawal from the student body

According to § 24 section 1 of the Act of the Autonomy of Universities in Saxony ("Sächsisches Hochschulfreiheitsgesetz"), students have the option within the process of re-enrollment to withdraw from the student body. It is also possible to rejoin at a later date. The declaration on withdrawal or rejoining has to be submitted after having regard to the Student Council in written form to the Student Service before re-enrollment (- Declaration on withdrawal/ rejoining concerning membership of the student body -). For further information regarding the consequences of a withdrawal from the student body, please consult the websites of the Student Council ( Please submit the declaration on withdrawal/ rejoining of the student body to the Student Service at minimum 5 days before the deadline for re-enrollment (- Academic Calendar -). The semester contribution to be paid will then be updat-ed in the SBservice. Subsequently, you may re-enroll by using the SBservice.

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