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Psychology of learning with digital media


The chair welcomes student suggestions for bachelor’s as well as master’s theses related to the research field E-Learning and New Media. In particular, we support experimental studies and subsequent quantitative data analysis.

Our staff members present available research topics on their respective web pages and will gladly consult you on the choice of your thesis topic. In case you are interested in a research field presented here, please do not hesitate to contact the corresponding staff member.

The following overview will give you an impression of possible topics:

  • Collaborative and competitive social interactions in education video games
  • The use of serious games within new contexts, such as affective- or motor- learning
  • The application of established learning theories and effects within the new setting of educational gaming
  • evaluation of game experiences and different integrational concepts, such as “intrinsic integration” or “transformational play”
  • investigation of new target groups, such as the elderly, or people with special needs
  • Exploration of explanatory approaches, possibilities and limits of seductive details
  • Tendencies of anthropomorphisms of computer-based learning materials
  • Investigation of new possibilities to personalize learning
  • Choice and its influence on motivation and learning
  • Retrieval cues for learning with media
  • Signaling effect in the field of multimedia learning
  • Agent-based animations and static learning materials
  • Manipulation of social entities in dynamic learning environments
  • Parasocial interaction in the context of learning
  • Optimization of instructional videos
  • Spatial contiguity of information within text-picture combinations
  • Embodied cognition
  • Interactive learning media
  • 3D visualization
  • Aesthetics
  • Metacognition

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