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Psychology of learning with digital media
Psychology of learning with digital media

EU Fairplay

Project description:

The joint project EU-FairPlay will substantially contribute to strengthening educational research and practice by strategically networking experts from different disciplines and further developing the state of the art of Digital Game-Based Learning (DGBL) with a special focus on educational equity. The planned joint project bridges a gap by bringing together national and international experts from the fields of Educational Technologies, Game Research, and Educational Research through a long-term network and by developing a common agenda on the question: How can educational equity be achieved in and with DGBL, by utilizing its new technological potential? The focus here is on collaborative research and practice that is sustainable and effective. The project activities (or actions) are complemented by comprehensive, recipient-oriented dissemination of the network content, which includes both informal and formal teaching and learning across all stages of education with digital game formats.

Markus Suren M.Sc.
Project Lead / project manager Technische Universität Chemnitz
Technische Universität Chemnitz
Dr. Skylor Zhitian Zhang
Project manager Universität Tübingen
Universität Tübingen
Dr. Mathias Hofmann
Project manager Technische Universität Dresden
Technische Universität Dresden
Richard Joos
Project staff Technische Universität Dresden
Technische Universität Dresden

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