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Research Field Composites


  • Novel semi-finished fibre products for composites components
  • Semi-finished fibre products for the implementation of coupling effects caused by anisotropy
  • Load path fair and near-net shaped semi-finished fibre products produced by knitting processes (Tailored Fibre Placement) and laying techniques (Near-Net-Shape)
  • Circular- and flat knit reinforced structures and semi-finished fibre products
  • Calculation, design and failure analysis for composite components
  • Numercial determination of quasi-static parameters of a unidirectional single layer for various semi-finished fibre products
  • Implementaion of cost-benefit analyses and lifecycle costings
  • Evaluation of textile processes for the application in composite components



Portrait: Dr. Jörg Kaufmann
Dr. Jörg Kaufmann
Divison Manager Composites
  • Phone:
    +49 371 531-36473
  • Fax:
    +49 371 531-836473
  • Email:
  • Address:
    Reichenhainer Straße 70, 09126 Chemnitz
  • Room:
    2/D227 (new: C24.227)

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